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Daily Verse

Week 4, October 2023


My Name is Prithvi & this is my story
by Rupa Anand, 23rd October, 2023


I am tired of the burden endured for lifetimes,

exhausted from carrying their stupid karmas


Despondent, I trudge up to the Heavens to Brahma,

plead my cause and tell Him how truly ravaged I am


My children, green and lush, torn from my bowels,

pandering to human greed and imagined necessities


My waters have stopped nourishing and flowing,

once sinuous and lithe, they lie now eerie and still


My back is heaped with loads of brick and tin,

with mortar and cement pushed into my entrails


Deliberately, slowly and steadily killing me,

turning my unsullied beauty into an ugliness


Using and abusing me for money and trade,

power and economics, tourism and people


Brahma Ji pats me and smiles His ethereal smile

as always, through millennia and countless years


He meditates, convenes, deputizes and

commands resources to do His bidding


The sun disappears in fright, and clouds of vapour

join to march in clouds of gargantuan dimensions


Speeding in warlike proportions to protect and defend

this onslaught upon me, my future and my existence


They burst forth with a tremendous roar,

a fury, unleashing wrath and impatience


Demolishing that which has overburdened me,

purging all that has been built and assembled


Relieved of the load, I finally breathe and gasp,

hoping they understand our destinies are linked


That in destroying me - lies their destruction,

in their rapacious greed - lies their eventual peril


They will come and remove the debris and soon

re-start to begin in earnest the nonsense again


Till then, let me dream and take a break . . .


Let me dream of Shiva and His shrine

which is a confirmation of the Eternal


With His loyal devotee Nandi – a proclamation

to Dharma and to all that is good and right


And may the Devatas continue to bless and guide

so that humanity and I live in peace and quietude

Poet's Note: Written in the aftermath of the huge devastation at Kedarnath and the beautiful mountains of Uttarakhand in 2013. Deforestation, damming, mining, tunnelling, blasting, rampant construction, hydro-electric power, turbines, politicians, mafia, urban development, flouting green and environment conservation rules, excessive tourism, human greed, criminal development, and poor civil administration - all contribute to the destruction of the fragile, Himalayan Ecosystem.

Image by pine  watt


by Robert Witmer, 24th October 2023

Image by Vladimir Fedotov

light a lamp

in your room's darkest corner

and pray

make a rune of our ruin

and love

Image by Gustav Gullstrand


breaking eggs

in the trees

Image by Jeff DeWitt


burbling into a stream

the baby's first words

Image by Shannon Baldwin

Pure Joy
By Latika Singha, 25th October 2023

Rose 2

pure joy
and love

in the heart
a rose..

in the
benign shade
of the neem..

in the

in the dulcet
rustle of
laughing leaves..

on a quiet

Image by ilgmyzin


By R.I Karoly  26th October 2023

Image by Saksham Gangwar

Walking on the beach I stumble

The tide rushes in to cushion my fall
I open my arms to its embrace

Cut with the shell I have shed
For a world that no longer wants me
I wait for the tide to take me home

Poet's Note: Leaving our home to brave the world, shedding our protections to test our limits and chase our dreams, this is the path of every child growing up. But if we fail, or the world turns out to be unaccepting or harsh, we may always find solace in returning to our home. It accepts us back, just as we are, into its familiar embrace.

Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

The road less traveled beckons

Slanting rays watch me dance
The woodpecker keeping time

The deeper the green, the taller the trees
And then
Only silence echoes the beat of my heart

Poet's Note:I have always been fascinated with old, deep forests, and the way you can feel its advance
age even by its silence. There is some magic there, some wisdom we can feel in our bones, even if we do not understand it completely.

Image by Edwin Chen

The wind is cold in my bones

My skin crinkles with the gust
Urging me to follow

And I let go to become
One with the patchwork quilt
Of the summer that was

Poet's Note: This poem was written from the perspective of an autumn leaf finally giving in to the call of the wind, and falling to meet its peers.

Image by David Brooke Martin

By Jan Stretch , 27th October 2023

Abstract Splash

wisdom from the owl
hiding in the tree
perspective from the stars
throughout the galaxy

cool breeze off the ocean
clears all the stress away
a rainbow colours hope
to shine a brighter day

birds provide sweet music
when on a forest hike
but the dearest gift of all
is your hug and kiss goodnight

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