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Daily Verse

Week 2, April  2024


The Sky Over the Ganga
by Satbir Chadha  8th April  2024


The sky over the Ganga at Varanasi fawns over the city its magical marvels

The chiaroscuro of midnight, settling and unsettling your mind

Leaves you sleeping yet unslept


The sky at dawn is a speckled saffron, dotted with flocks of birds

flying out for the day

It resembles, I swear, the Sadhu’s saffron stole printed with holy mantras

To the patient pensive pilgrim the sky is suddenly the colour of the frothy

milky chai

That he is craving already


To the sounds of cymbals and temple bells

It adorns itself in a redolent red

 As the sun creeps up

Teasing, flirting, grudgingly nudging slowly up the sky

And what a sky! A pious holy blue, now that the sun is up


Before noon though, it is wrapped up in a grey shroud

As the ghats spew the smoke of thousands of cremations


As many souls making their way to heaven, on a flight from Kashi

Like Shiva donned the ashes, so man turns to ash, before the ascent

In the city that is the launching pad, where death is promised Nirvana

On the banks of the Ganga


The river has its own marvels

It cleanses the sky with dewy breezes

Making way for the fragrant wisps of the evening Aarti lamps

and the musical chants

Varanasi, the city, that is throbbing with life

 And the business of death



by Kavita Ratna 9th April 2024


white flour

flows through dark fingers...

dawn filigree


heat wave

musk melon dew

reflects the sun

Image by Jana Ohajdova

honey eyes

melting memory

of a sting

Image by NASA

a riot of hues

leaping into the view


Image by Monique Carrati

Life is like a Box of Chocolates

By Petrouchka Alexieva 10th April  2024

Chocolate Praline

At my wise age, I am afraid,

I already ate most of the candies

in the box of life. Can you see?

They all have different colours and shapes.


Some are covered with fancy wraps

and shine like a rainbow, some pop-up

with surprises inside, others hide pieces of nuts.

Some are so sweet, some - not too much...


But in fact, there are plenty left

to enjoy the taste. Oh, never mind!

Just share with me these colorful tastes of life

and be mine. Don’t you see? They’re all colors of life.


Ninth Day of Falgun

By Goapal Lahiri 12th March 2024


It is beautiful, this morning is like

Vincent Van Gogh’s passionate brushwork.


In this house of mine, the doors burst open in joy,

splitting buried memories; mauve, yellow, green,

blossoming flowers are as if nudging each other

briskly to the swinging winds.


Glass windows are shimmering to the falling

sunrays- every drop of light washes the trees

that blossom scarlets of the Palash and Simul.


An awestruck squirrel scurries across the garden gate,

butterflies assemble colour after colour in silence,

There is a murmur in every rose bush on this ninth

day of Falgun,


The Spring is here with its bagful of colours.


Haiku on colours

By Govind Joshi 11th March 2024


golden sunrise
on the gooseberry shrub
a bird pecking

Image by Edu Lins

long drive
the colors of bougainvillea
swaying in light breeze

Image by Dennis Schmidt

seeding season
a hornbill landing
on yellow flowered tree

Image by Joy

pink snapdragons
spring breeze

Biographies of Poets

Satbir Chadha is the author of the highly acclaimed book, “For God Loves Foolish People”, for which she was awarded the Reuel International prize. Her second novel is “Betrayed, tale of a rogue surgeon”, a medical thriller. She has three solo poetry collections to her credit, “Breeze”, “Glass Doors”, and the recent “The Last Lamp”. She was awarded the Litpreneur Award by Authorspress in 2019, And she is also the founder of the NISSIM International Prize for Literature, awarded every year to upcoming writers of English prose and poetry. 

Kavita Ratna is a children's rights activist, poet and a theatre enthusiast. ‘Sea Glass’ is her anthology of poems published by Red River. Her poems have appeared in The Kali Project: Invoking the Goddess within, A little book of serendipity, Triveni Hakai India, Haiku in Action, the Scarlet Dragon, the Cold Moon Journal, Five Fleas Itchy poetry, Stardust Haiku and Parcham.  

Petrouchka Alexieva is a very versatile poet. She is a well-known as a distinguished scholar and TV persona. She is a “All American Scholar Award“- recipient (2008). She speaks 8+ languages. She is published in prestigious magazines in USA, United Kingtom, Bulgaria,Philippines, South Africa, Nigeria and more. For her outstanding life-long honorary achievements, her name was included 3 times among the most distinguished Earth’s citizens list of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover (2003) capsule, Science Laboratory Rover (2011) list and “Message on the Bottle” NASA’s Europa Clipper spacecraft.

Govind Joshi is a mariner and navigates ships around the world for a living. He lives in Dehradun, India and loves nature, gardening, travel and poetry. His Japanese short form poetry has been published in many fine print and online journals including Frogpond, Presence, cattails and chrysanthemum. 

Gopal Lahiri is a bilingual poet, critic, editor, and translator with 29 books published, including eight solo/jointly edited books. His poems are published across more than hundred journals and anthologies. He recently received Ist Jayanta Mahapatra National Award for Literature.

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