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Daily Verse

Week 3, January 2024

Image by Christian Holzinger

Seismic Shifts
by Kavita Ratna  15th  January 2024

Tropical Flower



are embedded

in nature.

Like sudden


Gone in a



The expiry dates


on 'rinanubandha'.

How to comprehend,

let alone

fight such

vagaries of destiny?

When lacerations,

begin to close in,


may learn to

bow down,

in gratitude,


equally arbitrarily,

what was cherished,

might never ever

have even

come to be.

Green and Purple Abstract



by Suresh Babu, 16th January 2024

Rosemary and Olives


grandma’s vilom

reeks of garlic chutney

Image by okeykat

first rain

the hair dye stains

on his cheeks

Image by Syed Ali

spring morning

a carpenter ant

nests in the bonsai banyan

Image by Milad Fakurian

ByBelinda Behne 17th January 2024

Pastel Bird

She removes her hat

Prayer flags flutter in her hair

She smells of Winter

In high mountain passes

Our spirits catch fire

We rise with her on the crisp clean air

Joyful at her return

Praying for Peace

Image by Ryan Stone


by Steliana Cristina Voicu 18th January 2024

Image by Tora Chu

raspberry hand cream ritual…

my mom tells me

how she met my father

Image by Mathew Schwartz

Sunday relaxing -

sketching a haiku

for each flower pot

Image by Marcia Cripps

almond blossoms

near my mirror…

the wind ripples the moon

Image by Mike Kenneally

a pinch of cardamom…

the coffee shop turns into

oriental story

Image by Aleksandr Ledogorov

By Sasha Clark,  19th January 2024


Winding down the day
I feel the energies ebb
as the world finds sleep

Each morning bears the potential
for revival

As the flower wakes to the rising sun
with brilliant energy and vibrant color

So too can we greet the day

A revival of our spirit
A fresh new start
with stunning potential

Biographies of Poets

Steliana Cristina Voicu lives in Ploieşti, Romania and loves painting, poetry, Japanese culture, photography and astronomy. Her haiku, tanka, haiga, poetry, short-prose have been published worldwide, including Asahi Haikuist Network, Daily Haiga, The Mainichi, Under the Bashō, cattails, Chrysanthemum and others. She is founder and editor of Enchanted Garden Haiku Journal-Romania. Follow her on instagram: steliana_voicu

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