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Daily Verse

Week 3, June  2024

colours of summer.jpg

Mid-summer Spell
by Sreelekha Chatterjee  17th June 2024


As we leaf through the great pages

of the white, all-conquering summer,

we learn some pages are ablaze with grandeur,

as nature’s soft heart melts, an act of surrender.

Luminous days with hot, gleaming battalions

invading the Earth’s nurturing veil,

triumphantly emanates the solar excitement.

Unrelenting heat waves in abundance,

the heralds of the omnipotent sun,

rock and ring along with familiar battle hymns,

all bow low in reverence—the verdant green.  

The summer stunners remain unperturbed,

basking in the warmth, ever so elegant.

As the summer winds bound above the green,

the magnificent blue tower remains ever so absorbed,

the feathery petals beneath flaunt their delicate sheen.


Willowy lilies in ponds;

cheerful marigolds on land

turn their vibrant yellow

and fiery orange heads with pride,

corroborating their sunny essence.

Who can remain unmoved by the exotic allure of

blazing reds to delicate pinks and sunny yellow hibiscus?

In the calm pink, purple, red, and white,

bougainvillea’s flamboyant bracts are always a delight.

Blossoms of the night are the enchanting jasmines,

their entrancing scent haunts like an unclassified emotion—

fragrant lullaby, or a familiar hug,

communicates their secret disposition.

Breathtaking reddish-orange blossoms enclustered,

titled the flame-of-the forest, their trees devoid of green.

Zinnia’s blooms of yellow, white, rust-brown, maroon, red;

sunflower’s radiance remains unparalleled,

its bubbly brown, yellow influence lightens the torture so rude.

Portulaca thrives in the sun’s scorching embrace—

rose pink, crimson, scarlet, yellow, magenta, the hues never end.

Balsam’s soothing boon

in violet, purple, white, rose pink, red blushes;

soft, feathery, star-like cosmos enthralls—

with white, pink rose, mauve that add to the scenic view.

Refreshing sensation of yellow, red-brown gaillardia

entails reveries of blissful days, so youthful and fresh.

Like ships disappearing over the sea-marge,

our minds are lost in the grace of the gamboling June boughs;

their tranquility is eternal, as love is never gone.


Haiku on midsummer magic

by Steliana Christina Voicu 18th June 2024

Image by Manu B

lavender garden -

grandma picks up stars

early morning

daffodil with a butterfly on it.jpg

outside in

a daffodil flower…

scented butterfly

Screenshot 2024-06-23 at 8.41.54 AM.png

we meet in the rain…

forgotten umbrella

or just destiny?

Image by Levi Meir Clancy

A Poem

By Geeta Varma 19th June  2024

It is the peak of summer

The sun is strong

Trees are shedding leaves

Some are completely dry

They stand like skeletons

Every creature is thirsty

Birds and squirrels have vanished

Grandma's house looks tired

In this scorching heat

Children play, dance to music,

Enact plays...under the mango trees

All of a sudden, the sky is overcast,

A few drops fall

The scent of the wet earth rises

Then it pours, such a relief!

Children run in

Make paper boats...

A midsummer magic.

Image by Shelby Miller


By Govind Joshi 20th June 2024

summer rain_his umbrella_tilting towards her_.jpg

summer rain

his umbrella

tilting towards her

Image by Lino

summer vacation

children playing carrom

in the curtained living room

collecting water_in her palms_summer rain_.jpg

collecting water

in her palms

summer rain

Image by Fabian Kleiser

Poems on Midsummer

By Snigdha Agrawal 21st June  2024

water tanker & people waiting in queues to fill water.jpg

serpentine queues 

empty vessels on streets

water tanker on road

illegally seized

song of the Koel 

unzips silence

tensions evaporates


magical dawn

sitting on a chair with cucumber slices on eyes and a mango drink clasped in the hand.jpg

melting asphalt...

eyelids force shut

cucumber circles on eyelids

'aam panna' in frosted glass

mystifying noon

50 year old husband & wife in Indian attire exchange garlands during sunset .jpg

"Godhuli lagna"...

   exchanging garlands

   "shubho drishti"...

   ignites sparks

   fiftieth anniversary 

   repeat performance 


   evenings remain             magical

woman walks down stairs to river with saree hitched up to knees.jpg

Outram Ghat...

secretly meet

saree hitched up 

to the knees

river stirs up a breeze

emotions ripple

moon smiles indulgently

koel: cuckoo
aam panna: spiced raw mango pulp drink
godhuli lagan: time of setting sun
shubho drishti: auspicious sight between groom & bride
outram ghat : stairs leading to ghat

Biographies of Poets

Steliana Cristina Voicu lives in Ploieşti, Romania and loves painting, poetry, Japanese culture, photography and astronomy.  Her haiku, tanka, haiga, poetry, short-prose have been published worldwide, including Asahi Haikuist Network, Daily Haiga, The Wise Owl-The Daily Verse, Under the Bashō, Chrysanthemum and others. She is founder and editor of Enchanted Garden Haiku Journal-Romania.

Geeta Varma is a poet based in Chennai. She has worked as a teacher and freelance journalist for some time. She has to her credit two books of poems and is a regular contributor to a few online magazines. She lives in Neelankarai with her husband Shreekumar Varma and has two sons, Vinayak married to Yamini, and Karthik.

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