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Daily Verse

Week 3 June  2023

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

By Kavita Ratna  16th June  2023

Watercolor Butterfly 10


curled up

between eyebrows



reaching out

to ginger-laced chai

to override

the aftertaste

of a

dream interrupted,

gliding out

on the luminous

wings of the

Koan butterfly.

Light and Shadow


By Debbie Strange, 15th June 2023


my eyes close

as I rinse the rice

a third time . . .

this ancient ritual

connecting me to you

Image by Tom Dils

letters hidden

under a mountain cairn

all these years . . .

the goddess of wind

still keeping our secret

Image by Gursimrat Ganda

By Debarati Sen, 14th June 2023

Flower Arrangement 1

These jhumkas and chandbalis are my beauty arsenal.

They whisper your name like a holy prayer,

with a tender softness.

Their jingles stir emerald ripples in the river of my dreams

where you are a pious visitant every night.

On some flamboyant spring evening

they walk with me stretches along the Vidyasagar Setu.

With the hues of the setting sun at Princep Ghat, they

utter our love story laced with the lavender tinge of longing.

My chandbalis flutter with the wind when she sees your torso whispering to the rainbow at Maidan.

They smile together with our silly rantings at Sarobar Lake on a June morning.

On a May evening, amidst the resplendent setting sun at Victoria,

they hum ami tomaro songe bendhechhi amaro pran. 

On days when you are away and I am busy reading

Tagore's 'Sesh Basanta', my jhumkas rattle cliches of melancholia,

Softly pattered to sleep by my chandbalis Together they create a mellifluous symphony.

While I wait for the stars to melt in the mouth of the

night sky and for you to return to our peach coloured mornings. 

National Flower


By Ram Chandran 13th June 2023

Image by Muazam Mohi ud din

monsoon rains-

no tobacco left

for the old man's hookah

Image by Ramakrishnan Nataraj

spring rain 
in the middle of the paddy field
a dancing peacock 

travel 1.JPG

By Donna Pucciani 12th June 2023

Fashion Collage

I’d thought it would be chilly, but never used
the hat and gloves. I start each trip
with the best of intentions—packing lists,
items sorted according to plans:
mornings at the museums, afternoon walks
in the piazza, evenings full of theatre
and a bit of glitter after hours.

But the return journey sports a suitcase
of sweaters smelling of wet wool
and a raincoat full of damp.
Jet lag absconds with all sensible thought,
meandering through my sleep cycle
like a pair of old socks looking for a shoe.
The Zodiac looks down on the foolishness
of schedules destroyed by weather or indigestion,
precluding the tour of the Vatican
or a stroll through Kew Gardens.

I take my aching back to the overstuffed chair,
and, squinting in the blue of the evening television,
re-imagine taxis shaped like bumblebees,
ice cream in paper cups at the intermission
of an Agatha Christie play, or Bernini’s saints
staring down on St. Peter’s Square.

God knows where I left my list.
The past has vanished. The future flops ahead
like a lop-eared rabbit galumphing through
a garden of blue carrots and lilac lettuces.
The luggage now is empty and light. It sleeps
in the basement, dwelling in possibility.

Biographies of Poets

Debbie Strange (Canada) is a chronically ill short-form poet and haiga artist whose creative passions connect her more closely to the world, to others, and to herself. Debbie’s poems and artworks have appeared in leading journals worldwide. She is the recipient of the 2020 Snapshot Press Book Award, and her haiku collection, Random Blue Sparks, is forthcoming in 2023. Please visit her publication archive at for further information.

Debarati Sen is a recipient of the ‘Poiesis Award for Excellence in Poetry -2023’, and the Sylvia Plath Women's Literary Award. A poet from Kolkata, she  writes both long verses and haiku. She has recently been declared the winner of NaPoWriMo 2023 by the Elite Book Awards. She has published two solo poetry collections and has contributed to more than 10 anthologies. Her haiku has been published in various international journals. Her latest collection of poems, Saudade, was brought out by Penprints in 2022.

Ram Chandran is a Corporate Lawyer by profession.He has been writing English poetry since his college days. Writing Japanese short form poetry since 2020, his English language haiku and other Japanese short form poetries have been widely published internationally in print and digital Journals. A collection of his Tanka poems titled " The flight of a dragonfly" was published in April 2023 by Southern Arizona Press (SAP).

Donna Pucciani’s poetry has been been published in diverse journals such as International Poetry Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, The Pedestal, Poetry Salzburg, Shichao Poetry, Istanbul Literary Review and Christianity and Literature. Her poetry has been translated into Chinese, Japanese and Italian, and has won awards from the Illinois Arts Council and The National Federation of State Poetry Societies, among others. She has been nominated five times for the Pushcart Prize and currently serves as Vice-President of the Poets’ Club of Chicago. She has authored several poetry collections such as Edges (2016), Ghost Garden (2016) A Light Dusting of Breath (2015), Hanging Like Hope on the Equinox (2013),To Sip Darjeeling at Dawn (2011) among others. 

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