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Daily Verse

Week 4, September 2023

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A Joyous Trio
By Sasha Clark  25th September  2023

Image by Mateus Guimarães


Splashing jumping dance
over rocks past trees.
Damselflies alight briefly
Seeking the best watery home
The creek laughs with delight

Image by Osman Rana


Slippery slidey
Ever so smooth
The lake glistens in shining wonder
Lovely flakes descend and dance
in intricate whirls


Swirling smokey tendrils
Dance with trees and stars
Caress mountains lovingly
Nature rejoices in drinking the air
Ordinary becomes magical
in the misty obscurity 

Image by Dave
Image by Daniel Mirlea

Joy: A triad

Poems by Rupa Anand , 26th September 2023


regular visitors 

this pair of tree pies

come & squawk 

then fly off to return

quiet is my joy

Image by Andrea Lightfoot

more sparrows 

than ever imagined

— such joy

Image by kazuend

river bench —

anxiety disappears 

with the current

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A Cup of Moonlight
By Robert Witmer  27th September 2023

Crescent Moon

The Tang poet exaggerates

the whiteness of the snow

on his head,

yet when he sings of wine,

sudden as lightning

freezing the moon

to the wisdom of the stars,

intemperance is raised

from sullen earth

to open heaven's gate.

Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm

Rhetorical Questions

By Herb Kitson 28th September 2023

Image by Marcel Strauß

If, likeex the dog, you curl up
at the moon’s hearth,
will you never freeze?
If, like the cat, you spear
the universe with your barbs,
will you feast on stars?
If, like the bison, you drink
from the trough of night,
will you never thirst?
If, like the saints, you give
your body to be burned,
will the smoke become doves?
If your ashes are drowned,
will they turn into fish?
If you refuse to acknowledge death,
will you live forever?

Image by Vit Ch

Perfect Joy
By Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia 29th September 2023

Image by Shourav Sheikh

I met Pizza and Pizza met me
What perfect Joy the warm box brings !
That moment never fails to get me
I met Pizza and Pizza met me
Now for some time Dear World forget me
While Food with Hunger duet sings
I met Pizza and Pizza met me
What perfect Joy the warm box brings !

Poet's Note: ( A Triolet consists of 8 lines in Iambic Pentameter (optional) with an ABaAabAB rhyme scheme where A and B stand for repeated lines )

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