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Daily Verse

Week 4, May  2024

a dried river bed.jpg

The River dries
by Chayanika Saikia  20th May 2024


The river d(r)ies

to the fish bones.


Three birds feathered down,

transpose into water

percolating beneath a stone-ground

(where young fishes practice swimming;
soon, downstream they would plunge).


Spring is a burial song,

(of) old flowing into the new.

haiku poetry.jpg


by Kavita Ratna 21st May 2024

marbles swirl on the palms auroras.jpg

marbles swirl

on the palm


cowrie shells tossed in the air.jpg

cowrie shells

tossed up

twist in the tale

two paper boats drifting on puddles.jpg

paper boats

drifting on puddles

Columbus dreams

four coins glitter under the river.jpg

coins glitter

under the river

inside-out cleansing

Image by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger


By Sanjeev Sethi 22nd May  2024

In those eyes, oceans lose their way.

Music breaks into a new note: home

finds its hue. Roads stop competing.

Even loneliness finds something to

laugh about. Tonneau is tested. The

rumble seat holds empty bags. Proud

as pismires, we flourish in formicaries.

Even in transactional frameworks cer-

tain pacts are clued onto the unknown.

Chasing new curves results in rent. Is

transformation always positive?

twilight's hush_i nudge the garden door_just a crack__.jpg


By Sandip Chauhan 24th May 2024

Watercolor Shape
clematis scaling a trellis.jpg


scaling the trellises

with renewed vigor—

will dewdrops also return

to kiss its petals anew?

pushing open garden door in twilight.jpg

twilight's hush

i nudge the garden door

just a crack

time's wheels propel forward

spinning towards the unknown

woman tucking violets in a vase.jpg


the old oak sprouts

new shoots

i tuck freshly plucked violets

in the heirloom vase

writing poetry.jpg

Some more Poems 

By Robert Witmer 23rd May 2024

the slow river_shapes a journey_old women gathering seeds.jpg

the slow river

shapes a journey

old women gathering seeds

a sad evening_.jpg


life's tortoise

death's hare

getting old_making do with less_friends.jpg

getting old

making do with less


Biographies of Poets

Chayanika Saikia's work has appeared in Muse India, Petrichor (Pebbles), Yearbook of Indian Poetry in English 2022 (Hawakal), Madras Courier (forth-coming), Café Dissensus, PikerPress, EKL REVIEW, hākārā, Setu (Pittsburgh), The Assam Tribune, Parcham, Y a w p, The Little Journal of Northeast India, New York Parrot, Indian Periodical etc. and in anthologies like ‘Varna Vaibhav’ (Asom Sahitya Sabha), ‘The Kali Project’, ‘Poetry Unites’, 'Antargatha', 'Ismat' etc. "Mimosa Land (WissenMonk, 2023) and ‘Kor pora kho loi’ (e-kolom Asom Prakashan, 2022) are her poetry collections. She is the founder/editor of popular Assamese e-magazine 'Katha-kanchan'.

Sanjeev Sethi has authored seven books of poetry. His latest is Wrappings in Bespoke (The Hedgehog Poetry Press, UK, 2022). He has been published in over thirty-five countries. His poems have found a home in more than 450 journals, anthologies, and online literary venues. He edited Dreich Planet, an anthology for Hybriddreich, Scotland, in 2022. He is the joint winner of the Full Fat Collection Competition-Deux, organized by Hedgehog Poetry Press, UK. In 2023, he won the first prize in a poetry competition at the National Defence Academy, Pune. Highly commended in erbacce-prize 2024 for poetry with over 9000 submissions worldwide, Sethi lives in Mumbai. 

Sandip Chauhan loves to read and write poetry and all her spare time is spent crafting poetry that is both sensitive and lyrical. 

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