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Daily Verse

Week 4 May 2023

Abstract Background

An Ivory Song
By Debarati Sen,  31st May 2023

Image by Thula Na

In a city that has metamorphosed over the years

Dreams hung like barnacles

From the frayed edges of misspelt stories.

In the mauve twilight, catamarans carried sapphire

dreams to far-off shores

In the mind's hinterland, a chaos theory loomed large,

Blurring the gap between space and dimension

We are, but biological robots with consciousness.

Constantly fighting a battle between

 the 'self' and 'other'.

Hearts swell like the summer sea glistening

under the scorching sun

In a city that doesn't sleep

The clouds smell of dark rum

The days are hazy like a nebula

The creaks made of hyperspace fury

fill the indigo depths with vermillion poetry

An ivory song blanched in crimson

covers the fag end of a September evening

A primrose on your tongue

tasted of a repertoire of good times

Peacock blue and emerald green shades

shined with abloom aesthetics

As night set in, the moon drowned in my drink

While I shared my champagne

with the Aurora borealis!

Image by Calvin Mano

 poetry to me
By Rupa Anand,  30th May 2023

Flower Bouquet

a movement

of images


a dance

of words


a ballet

of feelings


a kaleidoscope

of impressions


a cloudburst

of emotions


my naked


in party attire


to delight



and render

speechless sometimes


a few words written 

without music

hopefully in tune

and always

an offering

Image by NEOM

Night Gossips
By Peter A Witt,  29th May 2023

Hands and Diamond

Moon watches neighborhood gossips
trade town secrets on their nightly walk
by the fall river swollen by rain that carries
their verdant whispers down stream.

Street lamp creates a pool of light
through which the taletellers will pass,
bathing their tattling in soft yellowish rays,
bringing their hearsay out of the darkness.

House windows project evening light
of families gathered by blazing hearth fires,
some reading out loud, others patiently knitting,
all hoping the gabbers will pass without intrusion.


Poet's Note: Poem written after viewing: The Gossips Bonchurch Isle of Wight, 1880 - Grimshaw John Atkinson 

Biographies of Poets

Peter A Witt is a Texas poet and a retired university Professor. He also writes family history with a book about his Aunt published by the Texas A & M Press. His poetry has been published on various sites including Verse-Virtual, Indian Periodical, Fleas on the dog, Inspired,  Open Skies Quarterly, Active Muse, New Verse News and Wry Times.

Rupa Anand is a spiritual seeker and a published writer of experiences. Writing since 2008, her poems are an expression of images, thoughts, ideas, emotions and events that somehow get etched upon her mind and psyche. She says “There is magic in Nature. I hope my poems will connect readers with the beauty and calm of the natural world." Rupa has a BA (Hons) in English Literature from Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi. A cancer survivor, she lives in New Delhi with her husband, daughter and beloved cats.

Debarati Sen is a recipient of the ‘Poiesis Award for Excellence in Poetry -2023’, and the Sylvia Plath Women's Literary Award. A poet from Kolkata, she  writes both long verses and haiku. She has recently been declared the winner of NaPoWriMo 2023 by the Elite Book Awards. She has published two solo poetry collections and has contributed to more than 10 anthologies. Her haiku has been published in various international journals. Her latest collection of poems, Saudade, was brought out by Penprints in 2022.

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