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Daily Verse

Week 3,July  2023

Image by Peter Olexa

When All space
By Kavita Ratna, 21 July 2023



all space

is mine,

what do I


and from



When no

space is

mine alone...

how can I

give away

what I

don't own...

Image by Valentina Conde


By Suneet Madan, 20th July 2023

Dancing Woman

Beneath desert sun
A woman's spirit shines bright
Resilience blossoms
With her strength like shifting sands
She molds herself, yet stands tall

Image by Liam Simpson

Towering mountains

Mirror personality

Her strength beyond flesh

As valleys touch lofty peaks

Seeking eternal solace

Cultural Event

By Daipayan Nair 18th July 2023

Embroidered Bird and Flowers
Image by Avi Werde

to catch the flutter
grandma hops down
the porch stairs
this joy of disobeying
the doctor's instruction

Image by Wai Siew

of the first few raindrops
gathering pace
our quarrel stops to listen
a waterhen


The Black Sheep

By Vineeta Gupta 19th July 2023

Floral Arrangement 3

Wrapped in red, the rosy dreams mounted
                 the four wheels, on a pilgrimage to the

Valley of flowers, dreamy eyed – the
                uncrowned princess with flushed cheeks

of morning hue. The intoxicating air of
              spring – and the dreams – floating among

the clouds with starry eyes, the moon 
             descends on the bosom of the ocean. Ripples

rise in the calm waters and the ecstasy 
             of fulfilment, the morning glory opens

at the touch of the burning sun. The pangs
             of de-flowering! The red stream trickles

down the swollen boon, a house of wonders
              of full moon and its milky blanket. The spots

emerge – black, gray! – Who cares? The fawns
            fill the space around, the sights and sounds of
summer, a rich harvest and honeybees, all stick
              together. The frame dilates – of the princess
perfect, like the monkey god. Tentacles emerge
            like octopus – the eight-armed goddess juggles

and balances to seize the demons of civilization,
             the boiling broth exudes the sweet-salty scents

of blood and sweat. The jingles and the candy cane,
        and the sheets of snow, the black spots resurface –

the blurry eyes dive under the sheet of gray, to bring 
      out some green — Will the dove survive the winter! 

Image by Sonika Agarwal

ByDhiraj Sharma 17 July 2023

Rain Cloud

In my land of vibrant hues and ancient lore
arrives the monsoon, a wondrous encore
dark clouds gather, an ever-growing throng
nature awakens to the monsoon's song
jewels like raindrops cascade from the skies
quenching the earth, a joyful surprise
old muddy paths transform into rivers anew
life emerges, rejuvenated and true.

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