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Daily Verse

Week 4, November 2023

Image by Jakob Owens

The Scarlet Season
by Sheerin Shahab  20th November, 2023


The season of death has arrived.

Bombs raining from the sky,

Like wrathful drops sizzling down 

On an earth scorched with hate.

Torn limbs scattered,

like the errant leaves of fall.

The smoke from the fires rises,

Much as frosted winter breaths,

One last valiant effort at existence.

The dust from the debris of a deprived life,

Finds a home in eyes and chapped lips,

Stealing into hearts, bodies, minds, 

Choking veins, blinding ducts, damming glands.

Tongues stuck to throats with thirst and fear

An endless summer, blistering, blazing, brazen

Without an end in sight.

October this year is no more gold, 

Russet, brown or amber. 

It is the season of death,

The scarlet season, 

With elements of all.

Image by Marko Blažević


by Alan Peat 21st November, 2023


Like a flock of sparrows heading for a hedgerow, summer disappears. Everything that seemed far off has passed so we walk, one last time, through burnt umber fields. The sunflower heads are bowed and every corn leaf is papyrus-brittle - the slightest breeze makes cicadas of them.  All of the tents in the flat field have gone, turned to yellowed squares of grass.  You say this - Now that the swallows have flown, it’s sure the snows will soon come. One morning, we will open our blinds to a renewed world; pure and white as an egret feeding in a field of sun-warmed cattle..



when the tarp flaps

green tips

Image by Fabrice Villard

By Pushpa Parekh  22nd November 2023

Pine Cone 4

Fall is…


Fall is 

Dusk draping 

her languorous arm

Around the edges 

of the land.


           When winter comes...


The first nip in the air

Stillness waiting at the edge

wrapped in 

short days, long nights

She holds in her palms

lamps lit in a row

Her face tilted away



At a distance

dark clouds gather

Brooding shadows

Clasp of cold steel


We have sharpened

the weapon of tyranny

in our hearts


Can a thousand lamps

dispel the entropy 

settling in the air...

Dalit children murdered

Women's entrails ripped

Farmer suicides

Religious wars?


Soul deaths we carry

drag us down

Even the bleak earth 

must defend herself

with a mantle of snow


When winter comes...

Golden Tea


By Reid Hepworth 23rd November 2023

Autumn Wreath
Image by Mika Baumeister

dust motes

swirling in a shaft

of light 

the hollowness

of your promises

Image by Alexandra Vo

alas, only dew

in the spiders web -


another poor child

goes hungry 

Image by engin akyurt

holding on

for one final breath

autumn rose

Image by Timothy Eberly

Autumn Glory
By Neena Singh  24th November  2023

Autumn Girl

This autumn day’s bracing breeze 

I hear in the tinkling garden chimes 
It swirls the yellow-brown leaves

They mingle gaily with the earth 
A plump squirrel looks askance

I keep aside my poetry journal

Delighting in Nature’s wonders


Every leaf has become a flower

Astonishingly red and orange

I sip the transience of this fall

The squirrel darts up the pine
Then down again to nibble grain
Its glittering eyes and bushy tail
Dance a carefree au revoir

Biographies of Poets

Sheerin Shahab is an introvert who prefers a book over company any day. Hence, she is a reader, a nature lover, and a die-hard chai fan. She loves to read and write short stories and poems. Several of her stories have appeared in anthologies published by The Hive Publishers, Writefluence and the MeanPepperVine magazine. You can find her stories and poems at and on her Facebook page, 

Alan Peat F.R.S.A., F.H.A. is a UK based poet and author.  In 2021 he was placed third in the International Golden Triangle Haiku contest and second in the N.Z. International Haiku contest. In addition to poetry he writes books about art, ceramics, textiles and education

Dr. Pushpa Parekh, Professor of English and Director of African Diaspora and the World, at Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, has taught and published in the areas of British, Postcolonial (including African diaspora studies and  Indian diaspora literatures), and US  Immigrant literatures She has received Presidential awards in Scholarship, Service and Teaching at Spelman and  is an award winning poet. Dr. Parekh is the recipient of the 2019 Gerard Manley Hopkins award, an annual recognition by the International Hopkins Society, Ireland. Her poem, "Peace," received the West Coast Tagore Festival prize at the International contest held by Vancouver Tagore Society, in summer 2016.Her collected poetry on her migration journeys, Memory Braids and Sari Texts  was published in 2023 by Archway Publications of Simon and Schuster.

Reid Hepworth lives in a tiny town on Vancouver Island, BC, where she plays tiny ukulele and writes tiny poetry.  She is a Pushcart Prize nominated poet whose work has been published internationally.

A Touchstone nominee in the Shortlist for Individual Poems in 2021, Neena Singh is a banker turned poet. Her haikai poetry is regularly published in international journals and magazines. She has published two books of poetry—'Whispers of the Soul: the journey within' and 'One Breath Poetry'. She runs a non-profit for quality interventions in the education and health of underprivileged children in Chandigarh. Neena loves to play 'fetch ball' with her pet Rumi, and sit in the garden conversing with squirrels and pigeons.

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