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Daily Verse

Week 2, March  2024

Image by Jabber Visuals

by Sasha Clark  11th  March  2024


Music flows through all

Connecting with gentle rythms
and rhymes

Inspiring with deep resonating tones

Motivating with wild pulsing beats

Music flows through us
with healing smoothness

To heal find the music
within yourself

To improve your life
find the music in all

The music is different for each of us

The sun sings Ommm



Haiku on Music

by Steliana Voicu  12th March 2024

Image by ian dooley

last jasmine falls…

through the piano player fingers

moonlight sonata

Image by Tharaka Madhuwantha

hellenic sun -

my nephew listening to

the seashells music

Image by Aron Visuals

bougainvillea moon -

old bouzouki song joins

few foreigners

Image by Andriyko Podilnyk

toccata and fugue…

the kitten chasing a butterfly

in the tall grass

Image by Josep Molina Secall

Galactic Nocturne

By Petrouchka Alexieva 13th March 2024

Flower Outline

I carved my violine from a present

I’ve got from the full silver moon

      -  a piece of her smile -

and she raised crescent tonight.


I polished it

with magic of Milky Way dust.

I made its sparkling strings

from the stars’ celestial glimpse.


The bow I tide

from luminous spinning quasar.

Then, I’ve got the tunes

from the sweet evening breeze.


The midnight clouds

dropped silky curtains from above.

Can you hear the galactic nocturne

my divine violine plays tonight?



By Neetu Malik 14th March 2024

Image by Jay Shah

spring rain


she listens to

its rhythm at her window


joy flows in

where winter's sharp bite had dug

deep hollows

Image by River Fx

hard to rise

yet another day

dark with unbroken cloud

but from the white ash

the sound of lilting birdsong

lights up my heart

Image by Chris Bair

Mississippi moods


hued in shades of blue

city of spells and saxophone


beaten down 

time and time again .... still swings

to the jazzy tunes

Image by Jace & Afsoon


By Belinda Behne 15th March 2024

Image by Jachan DeVol

sleeping beside her

caressed by ancient melodies

tumbling downstream

Image by John Apps

wild joyful birdsong

a symphony with wings

frolicks in the birdbath


Pavarotti's aria

explodes through open windows

my husband must be home

Image by Tony Detroit

I lift my face

to the darkness of the night

In the fullness of the moon

I open my eyes and breathe

My soul sings

Giving thanks for every star

Biographies of Poets

Ms. Petrouchka Alexieva is a very versatile poet. She is a well-known as a distinguished scholar and TV persona. She is a “All American Scholar Award“- recipient (2008). She speaks 8+ languages. She is published in prestigious magazines in USA, United Kingtom, Bulgaria,Philippines, South Africa, Nigeria and more. For her outstanding life-long honorary achievements, her name was included 3 times among the most distinguished Earth’s citizens list of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover (2003) capsule, Science Laboratory Rover (2011) list and “Message on the Bottle” NASA’s Europa Clipper spacecraft.

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