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Daily Verse

Week 2, September 2023

Image by Catalin Pop

By Latika Singha  15th September  2023

Pink Peonies

prancing paws
and melting eyes..

soil, turning
a flaming furnace
of fragrances..
after rain..

fresh fried fish..

taking a trip
amidst mayhem..

crocus pink
and white..
a cameo

lit up
in laughter

icy times

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 7.40.50 PM.png

On Life

Poems by Mona Bedi , 14th September 2023

Purple Flower with Leaves
Image by Gabriel

unending rain --

i go over the purpose 

of my existence 

Image by KC Welch

jacaranda blooms 

the familiar smile 

of a stranger

Image by Luka Savcic

spring thaw

a snow crocus 

welcomes the sun

Image by Pascal Bernardon

Away from Home
By Padmini Krishnan 13th September 2023

Pink Flowers

The oldest doll in
my child’s drawer

has the scent of my childhood.
The damp smell of the
shops in my city, which had
dozens and dozens of Willow trees
with their cast down heads
after sucking in all forms of winds.
Their flowers,
withering and withered,
cling to every branch and bark
after the wind dethrones them.

Then the storm
took over,
dislocating the leaves
to places from
where they can never return.
The whole willow is
now a maze of
tattered orange and red.

I still hold the damp smell
of the dead willow
and my lost city
in my chest
as I hug my doll to sleep.

Image by Mehdi MeSSrro

A Slice of Life

Poems by Dan Hardison 12th September 2023

Tropical Flowers & Flamingo
Image by Anna Goncharova


on the water
the fog billows and swirls
as though being stirred by a hand

Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 7.37.06 PM.png


with days numbered
she speaks of olden days
and tells stories of past glories
this rose

Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 7.35.49 PM.png


the cherry tree
that rained petals of white
is now raining leaves of yellow
and gold

Image by Joshua Earle

When I was New
By Joan McNerney 11th September 2023

Flower Arrangement 4

When I was new
and the world was new.
So many roads to wander
under a cerulean sky.
Forbidden fruits to savor,
forbidden lips to taste.
Full of promise, flowers
budding on the vine.
Their perfume covering
my fingertips.
I hurried through each day
alive with my songs.
The moon rose just for me and
stars burned just for me
Every morning brought 
sunshine to my window.
Another day filled with wonder
waiting at my doorstep.
Spring was greener then.
When I was new
and the world was new.

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