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Daily Verse

Week 3, September 2023

Image by Ben White

The Subtle beauty of Death
By Unaisah Saeed  22nd September  2023


Molded from clay—
by Him we were made
and to Him we return.

None other than Him knows the day
when our soul will depart from this world.
It is for the peace of our minds
that we do not know.

We bathe the body,
now separate from its soul
and adorn it with a white cloth.
No makeup, no jewelry—no covering up God’s creation,
for we entered this world with nothing
and that is how we will leave it.

We return to him bare—
just as we, into this world, were brought,
for there is no hiding from God.
The riches we accumulated in this world are mere nothing in front of Him.

We gather for the sake of the passed soul
to make dua—prayer—for them.
the three-lettered word that evokes such
It is for all—
the ones lost and the ones left behind.
Dua is a gift from God.

Death is not to be feared.
It is the natural end to the cycle of life.
Death is inevitable,
for it would be too painful to live in this world forever,
and this God knows.
Death is a passing so that
inshaAllah, you may pass the skies and reach Jannah.

Do not fear death—
accept it,
grieve the passed,
make dua for them,
and move on.

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Poems by Jennifer Gurney , 21st September 2023

Orchid Flowers
Screenshot 2023-09-23 at 7.10.12 PM.png

grief knocks on our heart

and opens wide

a lifetime of loss

Image by Brandon Morgan

in the distance

pealing one by one

church bells toll

Image by NEOM

in the gloaming

gold orb kisses horizon

saying goodnight

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Lost & Found
By Paris Campbell  20th September 2023

Big Tree

It was after the after

of Vietnam that we fell

into a marriage that ran swiftly downstream 

into gutters I remembered 

from my childhood.

Mouldy leaves.

A dead bird sometimes.


The pile grew til it toppled.


I wanted a songbird lullaby.

You wanted to be left alone.

You got your wish five years later.

You got it again ten years ago

when the wind carried your ashes

across other rooftops, stirring the birds

out of their sleep to sing.

Image by Gerrie van der Walt

Bidding Adieu

Poems by Ram Chandran 19th September 2023

Tropical Flowers & Flamingo

bidding goodbye-

path full of


Image by Henk Nugter

a driftwood -

how I 

finally settled in my life 

Image by Sam Bark

evening sky -

a circling eagle

just above the setting sun

Image by Armin Lotfi

She could be dead
By Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia 18th September 2023

Flower Arrangement 4

She could be dead for all I know or most grievously hurt
She could be most seriously ill or in a nursing home
She could be off on holiday caravanning in Spain
She could be quite oblivious or she could be in pain
Why should anyone care at all who are not next of kin ?
Why should anyone let the thought get underneath their skin ?
Why should her friends be told why she often just disappears ?
Why not pretend nothing went wrong if she again appears ?
Is this what modern life modern culture is all about ? 
If somebody is drowning why can’t they just shout out ?
The day will come if it has not when she will really die
But who will tell me if I’m there that it is time to cry ?
That it is time to pay tribute and it is time to pray ?
And know she’ll never hear again anything I may say ?
For as I have already said she could by now be dead
And no one told me so I know nothing , but live in dread
She really could be dead. I do hope not - but how’d I know
If no one tells me for she’s old and has been quite unwell
I’m far away I cannot go to see her folks don’t tell
I did ask them before and I can’t ask them yet again
For she was quite alright before and they think I’m a pain
Asking again and yet again every six months or so
But she does disappear and it’s too far for me to go
She is not answering phone calls messages or mails
And what can one do when normal communication fails
With people who are old and ill and living all alone
And sometimes out of depression do not pick up the phone
Perhaps my thoughts are morbid or I am thinking ahead
But I simply cannot get this thoughtworm out of my head
She could be dead.

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