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Daily Verse

Week 2, February  2024

Yellow cushion.png

Yellow Cushion
by Belinda Behne 12th February 2024

Tropical Flower

I revel in this sunlit room

a bright yellow cushion

fills me with joy


I can feel yellow

and taste it


Yellow wraps itself around me

a sensuous drape

that delights my soul


Winter blues melt away

Everything is Yellow now

Poet's Note: This poem was inspired by my mother who will be 95 in February.



by Sangita Kalaricka 13th Feb 2024

a planter with marigold flowers.jpg

cymbals ring in
her prayers
a planter with marigold

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 9.49.31 AM.png

summer holidays
my grandma's eyes shine 

through her wrinkles

Image by Valya Polishchuk

between the detergent
and the ironing table 

tree bark collects moss

Image by Andrey Grinkevich

A spring poem in Winter
By Chayanika Saikia  14th February 2024

Flower Outline

Flowers are gone,

rest is all mist and thorns.


A bud or two,

runs through the hushed branches

a green thrum

(some seeds need more time to burst

the paranoia of life, atop they would come).


Spring is a wish,

(of) dark things craving light.

Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 9.50.10 AM.png


by Jennifer Gurney 15th February 2024

Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 9.32.56 AM.png

solar lanterns 

gradually come on


Image by Karim Sakhibgareev

relaxing in shade

on your bank as you rush on


Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 10.01.56 AM.png

full moon 

framed in living room window

sliced in half by shade

Image by Maddi Bazzocco
Flower Girl

The Last Bath

by Anna Maria 16th February 2024

Every bath I take late night,

just before I retire,

is an ablution that washes 

the slime and grime 

of the day passed by. 


Every  drop of water I wish 

would cleanse me of all my 

waywardness from eternity, 

where I wish to be.


This bath, this water 

doesn't cleanse me for eternity. 


Then comes the thought,

this bath is just a daily routine,

of washing off  tiredness

the ache of my bones

laid to rest for now

till next morn.


I comb my hair,  and lie down,

my prayers all said,

I assure myself  of the blood 

He shed and eternity.


What if they find me dead in bed, 

having not found me in kitchen 

where I usually am ,

while others sleep 

a bit more  through ??   

What if they find me dead ? 

smile on my face , 

in peace as I lie, 

hair drawn in place ,

ah! so still my breath !! 


What if they found me dead ??


This bath then must be the last,

if indeed,  they find me dead.!!

Biographies of Poets

Belinda grew up in the midwest, but she has spent most of her adult life in the vibrant culture of New York City. Her first career, as a teacher of special education, led her to the love of communication. She studied art, literature and theatre and has pursued her passions of acting, writing poetry and performing professional voice-overs for more than three decades. She currently enjoys living on the edge of a salt marsh, where life continues to inspire her in new ways.

Sangita Kalarickal is a wordsmith crafting poetry and fiction. Her work has been published in several e-magazines, journals, and anthologies. A physicist by education, Dr. Kalarickal utilizes her left brain at her day job in the field of technology. She writes because she must. Her latest book is Mamina, a collection of poems about motherhood.

Chayanika’s work has appeared in Muse India, Petrichor (Pebbles), Yearbook of Indian Poetry in English 2022 (Hawakal), Madras Courier (forth-coming), Café Dissensus, PikerPress, EKL REVIEW, hākārā, Setu (Pittsburgh), The Assam Tribune, Parcham, Y a w p, The Little Journal of Northeast India, New York Parrot, Indian Periodical etc. and in anthologies like ‘Varna Vaibhav’ (Asom Sahitya Sabha), ‘The Kali Project’, ‘Poetry Unites’, 'Antargatha', 'Ismat' etc. "Mimosa Land (WissenMonk, 2023) and ‘Kor pora kho loi’ (e-kolom Asom Prakashan, 2022) are her poetry collections. She is the founder/editor of popular Assamese e-magazine 'Katha-kanchan'.

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