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Daily Verse

Week 1, January 2024

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There is Always Hope
by Peter A Witt   1st January 2024

Watercolor Leaves

We are like ships lost
in a tidal wave of blackness,
when suddenly a beacon of light
finds its way through a crack
in the abyss, showing
us the way to safe harbor.

There's always a path
through darkness,
a slit, a crack, a chink,
that helps us move
towards the light,
that's where we'll find hope
in our tomorrows despite
the darkness of our todays.

Poet's Note: Inspired by Leonard Cohen's

There's a crack in everything, that's how

the light gets in.

Image by Laureen Missaire


by Jennifer Gurney, 2nd January 2024

Rosemary and Olives
Image by Tamara Bellis

favorite jeans, sweatshirt–


second skin

Image by Victor Furtuna

the sprinkler chit-chits

I drink my coffee outside

waking with the world

Image by Patrick Schneider


looking back

I see forward

Image by Liz Joseph

By Neena Singh 3rd January 2024

Pencil and notepad

Nature’s dance, a timeless art, 

Spring arrives, playing its part

Blossoms unfurl their vibrant hue, 

Renewal's grace, a promise true. 


From winter's grip, a thaw begins, 

A symphony where life begins

The earth exhales, a sigh profound, 

In every bud, new hope is found. 


Soft breeze awakens the trees, 

A canvas painted with leisurely ease

Leaves unfold their tender tale, 

Renewal weaves, a vibrant trail. 


With each sunrise, a chance to mend, 

As seasons change, wounds transcend 

In Nature’s cycles are souls reborn, 

Renewal's anthem, forever sworn.



by Govind Joshi 4th January 2024

Tropical Flower
Image by Bruno Kelzer

after the shower
a paper boat

Image by Max

stepping stone
to inner peace

Image by Francesco Gallarotti

autumn rain
in the nursery bed
fenugreek seeds sprouting

Image by Chris Zhang

The Dark
By Sasha Clark,  5th January 2024


Fear not the dark
For there lingers within
subtle beauty and delight

When our side of the world quiets
energy and creativity flows
in abundance

Distraction is reduced
Worries can be placed aside
We can meet ourselves anew

We can know ourselves
as being born from love
As beings who didn't understand
As beings who weren't guided

Fear not the dark
For in silence we can forgive
In darkness we can find our voice

The voice that now sounds small
can echo through the night
teaching us of our inner beauty

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