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Daily Verse

Week 4 June  2023

Image by Erik Mclean

A Musical Grid
By Haimanti Dutta Ray  23rd  June  2023


The buzzing of bees
The gurgling of water
The whirring of cars
The meowing of cats
Full of sound and fury
Are but signifiers of the signified

Caller tunes in mobile phones
Create music in a prosaic

The jarring effect of splintering glass
The screeching horns of automobiles
The angry manifestations of the human brain
Are but leitmotifs
Running parallel in a grid
Onomatopoeic, built of sounds
Music and noise


Strains of music streaming in
From open doors and windows
Are but the catharsis of nature to move-
To help us lose ourselves.

Podium and Dry Twigs


By Daipayan Nair, 22nd June 2023

Bird of Paradise
Image by Raphael Lovaski

the facepack cracks
her smile

Image by Bernard Tuck

mental asylum
the old man tunes
his air guitar


baul song …
the splash of an oar
stirs the moon


I Speak her Voice
By Lakshmi Iyer, 21st June 2023

Organic Matter

Across the borders

I hopped,

my childhood days

in those partition windows

a strange scent

in the air


The flavours of motherhood

friendship and brethren

get along

but somewhere afar

I overlook myself 

I get deceived


Then one day

I receive a bouquet

flowers decor

the space i belong

in his heart

a golden hue


in my womb

a godlike angel

cradled in our journey

we behold

a star river

in our threshold


I set aside

my words, 

my poems open the door

to the many

in solitude

find love and care


One day

I find Autumn

in the mirror

I caress the scar

tears twinkle

in the moonlight


But i know for sure

Spring will soon be near

even in monsoon

few colours bloom


Life is not so hard

Only i need to wait

The dark clouds will leave

a rainbow in my heart


winter gray

a ladle of silence

between us

Crystal Rock


By Jennifer Gurney 20th June 2023

Watercolor Bird 2
Image by Mateusz Feliksik

Fresh squeezed orange juice
Tangy-pulpy sweetness on
My morning tongue


All the things I wish
I could still say to my mom
Join the lump in my throat

Image by Windows

Characters emerge
Through my fingers on the keyboard
With voices of their own

Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

The Walk
By Richa Joshi Pant, 19th June 2023

A Natural Girl

That day as we walked along the river,

the sun was bright and the air cold.

The village boy looked at us and smiled reluctantly.

A friendly stray dog followed us for food.

A kingfisher made a V shaped smile in the sky.

Some milky, translucent, and strange pebbles we picked

and made a cairn for another passer-by to see,

The words flowed like stream as we walked together.

And warm silence walked along for long stretches,

Tiny flower and their intricate stigma,

Looked as pretty as the big ones

Wisps of steam from sweet tea in an earthen cup,

Warmed my being starting from my palm,

A long gaze at the trees growing acrobatically on cliffs

Precariously beautiful as some defining moments in past

That was a walk which still shines like a pupa of an exotic butterfly,

It was a walk when we had forgotten our phones in the car.

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