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Daily Verse

Week 2, October 2023

Mortal goddess.png

Mortal Goddess
by Helen Zhang, 9
October, 2023 

Ancient Egyptian Woman

a woman raises her 

arms to the heavens, 

Poseidon decorates her 

brow with beads 

of foaming sweat, 

ichor drips from her

eyes in a vague imitation 

of tears. the ocean 

returns to her, caresses her 

abalone flesh in its brackish 

palms, paints 

a design of seaweed 

onto her bare chest, 

dances through her

wild black hair, turning

into plumes of stygian 

fire. inhale, exhale, each 

breath is filled with the briny 

sting of a dying woman. her

skin is pallid, Midas laces 

gold through the pale-

ness of her being. she 

cannot breathe through 

the crashing noise, cannot 

see through the heaviness 

of her own blood. it drips, 

rich and thick and warm, 

down her back, a red 

Chinese ink painting 

of waves and loss. 

the woman yearns 

for her mother, screams for 

her father. flitting images 

lost to time, Hades has

stolen them, easily as

the ocean draws breath. 

one more second of this 

endless night, the sky 

is a void of obsidian 

glass, ocean gulps greedily 

at the moon’s wavering light, 

gathering in the crevices 

of its froth. the stars are 

so large here, like real gods 

of burning light aching 

to reach hold of the earth 

and claim it as 

their own. the woman 

begins to float, her memories 

a canvas of wet paint 

smeared into a kaleidoscope 

of indistinguishable color 

by Time’s cruel hands, her 

cheeks flush gold as she 

climbs higher, higher. 

the world fades to a swath 

of blue and green, the stars 

reach hungrily as she 

passes them, she 

is so close to the moon she 

could caress its pearly 

skin, she 

could see how light trips 

and stumbles over 

its porous surface– 


. . .


the woman breaks 

from her reverie, her 

face is saturated with 

tears. a god no more, she 

crumples to the ground 

and weeps.


Waking Dream

A Split sequence by Neena Singh & Ravi Kiran, 10th October 2023

Yellow Roses Illustration


                                  evening breeze                                             the flowers sway                                           on her cottons

Image by Charles Tyler

the daffodils fade…                 

                              long dormant                                              our friendship awaits                                a new season

Image by Ana Khutsishvili

a dewdrop world                             

                         wisteria                                                        holding on to a branch

                          a toddler


A Poem
By Kavita Ratna, 11th October 2023

Oriental Lotus


how you

continue to

frolic in my dreams,

moving in and out

with the easy sway of a

lifelong friendship,

which does

not bother to provide


to appear or




laugh silently

over matters that

are irrelevant, irreverent. 

Visuals un-spool

like a movie

watched in

slow motion,

with the volume


on mute.


Baffled by

All the metaphors,

in the imagery,

looking deep

to unlock

some encrypted


or wisdom,

find myself

laughing softly

with the first light

of dawn,                                                            



some connections

simply have no

respect for




By Jennifer Gurney 12th October 2023

Flower Arrangement 1

frogs call

from lake’s edge –

one-sided love songs


a moth sips

wild-flower nectar

from nature’s happy hour


the moon is 

a force of nature --

pulling us in


Love, Not Hate
Love Over Hate

By Pushpa Naidu Parekh  13th October 2023

White Lillies

Love, Not Hate

I see myself getting on in years and life, a gentle smile in my inner heart of strife. Nothing will deter me
Love is my ocean, my boundless sea! Love releases

Hate flees...


Love, Over Hate

I write poems in my sleep

Dream clouds

wash my days

weary spirit

rush-hour body

clipped emotions.

When sleep evades me

I create expanding worlds

for my diminished self

Then my soul vibrates

My body awakens

And my emotions stir…

Somewhere a poem

begins its life 

and signals

Love over hate!

Biographies of Poets

A Touchstone nominee in the Shortlist for Individual Poems in 2021, Neena Singh is a banker turned poet. Her haikai poetry is regularly published in international journals and magazines. She has published two books of poetry—'Whispers of the Soul: the journey within' and 'One Breath Poetry'. She runs a non-profit for quality interventions in the education and health of underprivileged children in Chandigarh. Neena loves to play 'fetch ball' with her pet Rumi, and sit in the garden conversing with squirrels and pigeons.

Ravi Kiran is an Electronics Engineer and is a working professional. All things Japanese -from Bonsai to Japanese kitchen knives fascinate him. Haiku, which is a journey for Ravi, is also a means of unwinding in the midst of his professional routine. Ravi Kiran’s haiku are featured in leading international journals. Ravi Kiran lives in Hyderabad with his wife and daughter.

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