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Daily Verse

Week 1, March  2024

Image by Lauren Lopes

Music of the Lake
by Peter Witt  4th  March  2024


Veins of a silky river flowed
like the tinkle of piano keys
into a melodious lake filled
with a speckle of dancing trout.

Lovers composed their tent
on the dew-blessed grass,
basking in the crescendo sounds
of the shallow lake outflow.

Lovers bathed in sunshine
until a short afternoon shower
recorded a magical sonata
in staff of their memories.

At sunset, their campfire triggered
a yellow cloud of sparks
that rose into the dusky sky
like a chorus of fireflies.

In the cool of evening
they'd swim as though
mermaids, enjoying the shimmer
of nature's wondrous concerto.

At daybreak they'd wake
to a song stealing mockingbird
accompanied by the jackhammer percussion
of a woodpecker in a nearby tree.

Image by Nick Nice



by Geeta Varma  5th March 2024

Rain Cloud


Like waves

It fills the dark room

And goes beyond -

The strains from a bygone era.

It is a day of drizzles

I sit in a corner, listening

Looking at the dark wet trees

Outside the window,

I can still smell the same smells

Of the wet green earth

While the violin plays

In my heart

An invisible tune,

My eyes water

As the pain passes,

Grief settles

Into its permanent place

The day she died.


How do I feed my Marriage?
By Bruce E. Whitacre 6th March 2024

Flower Outline

Spoonful and knife paring

china optional never wavey

washing ashore over time

shapes a smooth beach


naps give space

awake touch buzz off

to nectar each our flowers

make the honey a home

sweet at the table, sour balances.


To partner is not always to lead

or to follow. To dance best, neither either.

Say what needs to be said

and leave knowing the unsaid.  Fingers stroke

and soothe, hold down and smooth,

lift, calm, wag aware it’s

only me, only you,

spoon feed, fork spare.

Indian Music.png

Micro Poems

By Kavita Ratna 7th March 2024

Image by insung yoon

emerald and pearls…

petals sway

to megh malhar

Image by Lenstravelier

a lone pigeon

on the sill

grey coo deepens

African tulip.png

in the dark canopy

a fiery African Tulip…

djembe beats


afternoon raag..

in the western ghats

echo of an echo

Image by Tadas Mikuckis

Grandma's Piano

By Gopal Lahiri 8th March 2024


Everything seems murkier and in pale focus

inside the corner room; lonely and deserted.


Grandma’s lean fingers are the syllables of rust

counting beats with quarter notes and half-notes.


Yet the keys of piano sound out strong octaves

and drown the lyrics Stay with me again and again.


Easy to notice your left hand plays the notes on the

bass and the right hand play the notes on the treble.


G-sharp or B-flat; each musical note is emerging

from myriad points of light and shadow trying to


form a cloud of memories and flames of the past

that keeps you going days, months, and years.


I imagine your absence is like presence here daily,

while the stars scrape their skins on the open windows.

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