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Daily Verse

Week 1, August 2023

Image by Christoph Keil

She is Born
By Shailja Sharma,  4th August  2023

Wrapped Gift

When a sigh is sealed in the innermost drawer
When a virgin tear is slammed by the eye lid
When a fear is too afraid to come out
When an ounce of joy spills on the entire sky
When the unspoken message is ready to push out
Just like when a baby is born

The heart starts peeling its layers-
One by one by one, and then the last
In that tender moment:
Poetry takes birth
Rejoice, she is born!

Transparent Texture


By Debarati Sen, 3rd August 2023

Watercolor Butterfly 7

wrapped in 

a moire thread

of memory

Ma performs Baba’s

last rites

Image by Johannes Plenio

after stealing mangoes

from the neighbourhood

the kids sat down

under the gulmohur tree

to taste a slice of Komorebi


By Daipayan Nair,  1st August 2023


summer noon 

the mechanic oils 

his chainring


slum night
a child's scream restores
the power

Image by Kaur Kristjan

scrapyard sun 

a group of boys test

the bicycle bell 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Perspective Changes

By Cindy Clark,  2nd  August 2023

Dancing Woman

Any moment a word, a picture, a thought
changes her perspective

She focuses on healing
She focuses on feeling worthy

Sometimes she catches herself
thinking critically and negatively

She stops

Where did you come from little thought
She asks

She opens herself to her inner voice
Ahhhh! She thinks

Another memory to examine and rethink
How lovely

Another chance to change her perspective
Another chance to heal a little more

Her perspective changes


Going to Hostel
By Ishita

Retro Girls

Embarking on a new journey, where stories dwell
Leaving home, a bittersweet farewell
Into the embrace of a hostel, I tread
With a mix of excitement and a touch of dread.

An unfamiliar room, a bed to call my own
A space to grow, flourish, and be known
New faces, voices, and friendships to sow
In this shared abode memories will grow.

Late-night conversations, laughter’s embrace
The joys of togetherness, filling every space
From shared meals to study sessions deep
A community forms, strong bonds to keep.

Independence whispers in every corner
Learning life's lessons, each day a mourner
Laundry and chores, responsibilities bestowed
Nurturing growth as life’s chapters unfold.

Yet, in the solitude of the night’s embrace
Homesickness may creep, leaving a trace
Yearning for familiar comforts, a touch of grace
A reminder that home holds a special place.

But through it all, I’ll spread my wings wide
Discovering myself with every stride
In this hostel, a chapter of life’s grand tale

A sanctuary of growth, where memories prevail.

So here I stand, on this threshold new
Eager to explore, to learn, to pursue
A home away from home, a hostel’s embrace
Where knowledge, learning, and friendships interlace.

Biographies of Poets

Cindy Clark was raised in the suburbs in Baltimore, Maryland. About 11 1/2 years ago she moved with her husband to Southern New Mexico. She began writing self-healing posts on Facebook shortly after covid started. Then a friend introduced her to a Haiku group so now she writes at least one Haiku daily. She also makes gemstone necklaces, mostly turquoise. And is learning Tai Chi including sword form. Her day job is a reference investigator for a background investigation company which does screening mostly for hospitals. 

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