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Daily Verse

Week 2, June  2024

dancing with fireflies in the sky.jpg

Mid-summer's Eve
by Belinda Behne  10th June 2024


Running barefoot

through the night grass

following firefly lanterns


We pass

beneath full leafed trees

and join the dance


There is Magic afoot

in the moonlight


The warm breeze

caresses our cheeks

ruffling our hair

softening our bones


We float

among the night birds


The sweet songs

of crickets and katydids

woo us


We forget

our long hot days of labor


We remember

that we too

are part of the Wonder

hand with a pen.jpg

Micro Poems on midsummer magic

by Kavita Ratna 11th June 2024

shining dewdrops on grass.jpg


a thousand 

splendid suns

dosa on a griddle.jpg

golden dosa

circles the griddle

I flip another day

white cotton on black soil.jpg

white cotton

buds on black soil


pink candy floss.jpg

a rosy cloud

of candy floss

childhood spins

fairies riding unicorns.jpg

It's again this magical time

By Petroucka Alexieva 12th June  2024

Summer arrives on the strong wings

of the free gliding birds,

that enjoy the passionate hugs

of the kissing midnight breeze.


Songs of the night dance with the leaves

pouring million sparks over the trees.

It is again this magical silver-moon time

for the caterpillars turn into butterflies.


It is again this enchanted time,

when fairies ride unicorns adorned

with wreaths of glittering stars,

and the dreams dive

into soft-soothing lavender clouds.

a pile of books.jpg


By Mona Bedi 13th June 2024

old table fan.jpg

the slow creak
of an old table fan
summer laziness 

swimming during sunrise.jpg

morning swim
the dawn unfurls
with each dip

children around an ice cream truck.jpg

roasting sun
the chatter of children
at the ice cream truck

Image by Angie

Mystical haunting & Nostalgic Midsummer Days

By Satbir Chadha 14th June  2024

Magical afternoons spent in quarantined shade

Alternating between a snooze, a nap, a daydream and a song

Was that Granny snoring, or did the internet come strong

Through heavy drapes trills the shrill birdsong

Of homing birds chirping, chatting, twittering as they go along


Trolleys of tea with cakes and scones

Melodious strains from the mosque for the evening azaan

Special to the fragile few weeks of the Indian mid-summer


Fragrance of night jasmines and the delicate Indian Mogra

Infused in the easterlies that soothe the charred soul of my poem

Sea of smiling nodding beaming golden sunflowers

As far as eyes can see

Far yonder till the foot of the hills

The valley’s own mid-summer glory

Drinking the scorching sun, not reflecting it

Spreading cheer instead


The Peepul tree thick with latticed leaves, so shady

The concrete tree ring around the trunk

A potted Tulsi plant and two large Matkas filled with water from the well

Such peace


Golden juicy plump mangoes floating in tubs of water

The exquisite charm of the Indian mid-summer


Do I see love-birds behind the trembling leaves

They should be now that it is the season of love

Fluttering butterflies carry hope on their wings

And the hoot of the peacock heralds distant rain


Ah the special, so, so special memories of childhood summer

Like a spot of golden light in murky weather

Like dusk deepening into the eternal night

Gets a splash of cool moonlight

These memories, my sweet treasure

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