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Daily Verse

Week 4, March  2024

Indian flute.png

Soul Of Music
by Haimanti Dutta Ray  25th  March  2024


Raga Bhairav – an early morning raga

Transfers all to a higher realm,

Practice music with incense and camphor –

Close your eyes and be open to mesmerism.


The ragas and raginis of Indian music

Teach us more than complex knowledge texts –

They are the ‘mantra’ for the forward march we seek

They provide visions when life begins to complex.


I close my eyes when wafts of soulful music

Reach my ears, through lattices of my window,

I overcome all my fears – all my inhibitions and longings,

Now, cacophony go in the name of music – more a gimmick and show.


Music conferences of yore, where masters sang

Into the wee hours of early dawn –

Are things to ponder about, in an age of bands – of music gangs

Those days of forever spring are long since gone.


The definition of music has changed with time,

We hear music, but long for that of the past

Today’s music ravages our ears, isn’t worth a dime

Music of the past brought tears to figures even in molten cast.

Image by KOBU Agency


by Govind Joshi 26th March 2024

Image by Varun Pyasi

Temple bell
walking through
a busy village

Image by Jyotirmoy Gupta

mountain meadow
distant flute playing
a song of spring

Image by Patrice Bouchard

summer twilight
on the parapet
an evening bird song

Image by Jason Leung


By Snigdha Agrawal 27th March 2024

Flower Outline

palanquin bearer

sings aloud 

comforting the frightened 

child bride inside

Image by Hristo Anestev

upturned conch 




her lips last touched

Image by Jay Castor


By Sasha Clark 28th March 2024


There is music all around
The sun sings Ommmmmm
The moon sings too

The universe sings
In multiple harmonies

And beyond

We capture music from the air
And express it to the best
of our abilities

The music we love
sings with the music
we have inside

Our souls dance
sending healing light
throughout ourselves

And beyond 


More Haiku

By Govind Joshi 29th March 2024

Image by Boston Public Library

storm forecast
in the lull
two warblers song

Image by Michael DeMoya

old love songs
in the hair salon
hazy sunshine

blind beggar.png

praising the Lord
like the blind beggar
on the train

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