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Daily Verse

Week 3, December 2023

Image by Anna

When Autumn bids adieu
by Gowri Bhargav   18 th December, 2023


The leaves have fallen–russet, purple and brown,

Autumn has bid adieu leaving aside a skeletal town,

The winds are cold, harsh, and bitter,

The bare ground quivers as she prepares for days colder.


The warblers have gone after singing their last song,

The wait for the sprightly spring is too long,

The mute landscape dwells in quiescence,

Alas! It's devoid of mirthful cadence.


Hark! Mellow snowflakes from the bleached firmament

Descend slowly like winged ornaments,

Slowly with persistence, they settle in piled up layers,

Bejeweled with dangling icicles, the once bare boughs whisper ardent prayers.


‘Tis December! Winter reigns in all its glory,

Infinite yards of snow weave magical stories of fantasy.

Image by Mrika Selimi
Image by Rodrigo Curi


the first tulip through the snow

on a late winter day

Image by Pasqualino Capobianco

thirty degree shift

in one day–

parka to flip flops

Patio and Garden

windswept patio

everything topsy-turvy

nature’s spring cleaning

Image by Free Nomad

sweet peas exploding

on the river bank today–

fuchsia infusion

Image by Christopher Sardegna

Verses of Life
By Snigdha Agrawal 20th December 2023

Pencil and notepad

it's the only world 

where I am myself

only place where

I can confide

with no facade

nor false glow

uncaring about

being judged

sized up

you guessed right

this path, I walk solo

Image by Igor Surkov


by Govind Joshi  21st December 2023

Tropical Flower
Image by Karsten Würth

summer highway
the stops we wish
we could make

garden barrel.png

monsoon morning
garden barrel collecting
the sound of rain

Image by Tejj

winter evening
the silence of people
in the bazaar

Image by Konstantin Planinski

Summer, Spring, Winter & Fall
By Sasha Clark,  22nd December  2023

Mint Leaves

Icy art drapes pine fronds
Sparkly ice bits dance down
from ivory puffiness
To twirl on frozen watery expanses

Frilly fronds poke out from
still cold humus
Bundles of fur emerge from
deepest sleep
Flying flocks return to Northern climes

Sun shimmers down in baking waves
Laughter sounds from watery expanse
Sleeping soundly under star strewn canopy
Delectable smell wafts from campsites

Leaves transform to rainbow garb
Dancing down to nourish the earth
Small furry bundles relax
in their leafy blankets 

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