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Daily Verse

Week 1, June 2024

midsummer magic .jpg

Mid-summer Magic
by Sasha Clark  3rd June 2024


Oh ye who believes not in magic
take heed

For Midsummer doth spark
magical mysteries for those who know

Mayhap that strange noise
you hear in the woods
is just a family of squirrels

Or mayhap that sound
be a fairy party
a magical celebration of life

Know ye that nature is magical
with wonders to enjoy if one takes heed

Know ye that life is magical
Your very essence sings of magic

Midsummer magic can
open the door to the magic
that lays inside us all


Poems on midsummer magic

by Jennifer Gurney 4th June 2024

ebb and flow of water.jpg

resting on your shore

your waves hypnotize me--

drawing me between

your ebb

and flow


turning the bend

I descend the embankment

and my breath catches--

my pelicans are back

heralding the dawn of summer

hiking with moon shining in night sky.jpg


my gaze shifts upward

effortlessly you drift by

translucent, ethereal

taking me with you

a man writing under a gulmohar tree.jpg

Mid-summer Musing

By Gopal Lahiri 5th June  2024

I love the fire glow in the summer as the

dry mud and weed clog toes near the lake side.


There are roots deep within, century old

stories curl in the sprays of dust on the pavement.


Sunflowers stretch long enough but still

not get a chance to close their shining faces.


Gulmohor street lies idle where I escape to gather

my missing steps and unknown fire tips.


The sun glistens on the eyes of sparrows

crossing the narrow pontoon bridges.


Azure sky chisel the birds into song-lyrics while

the wind carries the woodpeckers to the branches.


My shadows burn and eyes turn into an island

where I stand in nowhere and my heart turns to fire.

Gulmohor flower blooms in summer in and around Indian Sub-continent.

midsummer magic .jpg

Poems on Mid-summer Magic

By Karen Pierce Gonzales 6th June 2024

Imperial_wood dragon_on sage mountain_heats up a sunrise_of ripe berries that roll__into t

On the throne



wood dragon

on sage mountain

heats up a sunrise

of ripe berries that roll

into the open mouth

of summer.

Obon Odori__Dance under paper lanterns of light._Ancestors will find you_in cotton yukata

Obon Odori


Dance under paper lanterns of light.

Ancestors will find you

in cotton yukata and wooden geta sandals,

festive fans waving wildly

in the warm summer’s open night air.

Geese soar in formation_to protect the world._An army-flock,_they can lay golden eggs_of g

Soul Birds


Geese soar in formation

to protect the world.

An army-flock,

they can lay golden eggs

of goodwill towards those

we keep in the shadows

of our fearful hearts.

midsummer & elves, pixies.jpg

The midsummer Collage

By Santosh Bakaya 7th June  2024

The breeze blowing in bounteous bouts becomes a gale.

Sparrows hopping around sheathed in slivers of gold. 

Strays stumbling in puddles, 
fumbling for those elusive cuddles.  

Colorful pieces of paper escape from their moorings,
playing pranks.

Squirrels standing on their haunches 

Greedily filling their tiny paunches.


Where is the painter hiding?

What hues!

What depth! 

What dimensionality! 

Ah, I just spied her! The Painter with the dainty fingers.

Lingering near the elves and the pixies - half a dozen of them.
Frantically using the brush, bemused,
as they somersault from trees, attired in green. 

What a treat to be greeted by the parakeets.

 The sun sets, leaving in its wake 
an intensely beautiful, soft golden glow
that gradually fades, as night falls.

 Hey, are the midsummer fairies beseeching for something?


The scorching sun had singed the plants.
Do the fairies want the wilted plants to be healed? Revived? 


In a sequestered part of memory land, 

I still see a spunky five-year-old, 

Perched atop a neem tree. 


Crooning a song.

Safe from the raging, fiery gale 

Long, long ago, on a day in June.

Biographies of Poets

Sasha Clark was raised in the suburbs in Baltimore, Maryland. About 11 1/2 years ago she moved with her husband to Southern New Mexico. She began writing self-healing posts on Facebook shortly after covid started. Then a friend introduced her to a Haiku group so now she writes at least one Haiku daily. She also makes gemstone necklaces, mostly turquoise. And is learning Tai Chi including sword form. Her day job is a reference investigator for a background investigation company which does screening mostly for hospitals

Jennifer Gurney lives in Colorado where she teaches, paints, writes and hikes. Her poetry has appeared internationally in a wide variety of journals, including The Ravens Perch, HaikUniverse, Haiku Corner, Cold Moon Journal, Scarlet Dragonfly and The Haiku Foundation. Jennifer’s haiku has recently won the 6th Basho-an International English Haiku Competition. Her poetry has also been accepted into the Ars Nova Shared Vision project in Colorado and will be turned into a choral piece and performed in a series of concerts in the Denver area this June.

Gopal Lahiri is a Kolkata, India, based bilingual poet and critic and published in English and Bengali language. He has published 30 books to his credit and his works are translated in 18 languages. poems are published across more than one hundred journals and anthologies globally Recent credits: The Wise Owl, Catjun Mutt Press, Dissident Voice, Piker Press, Indian Literature, Kitaab, Setu, Undiscovered Journal, Poetry Breakfast, Shot Glass Journal, One Art Journal, The Best Asian Poetry, Converse, Cold Moon, Welsh Haiku Journal, Verse-Virtual journal, International Times and elsewhere. He has been nominated for Pushcart Prize for poetry in 2021.

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