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Daily Verse

Week 2, December 2023

Image by Johannes Plenio

The Gift of Gold
by Urmi Chakravorty,   11 th December, 2023

Simple Maple Leaves

The wooded paths are a sight to behold

A canvas of russet, gold and umber

My feet crunch on the tapestry of flaming leaves -

Once the crowning glory of the mighty oak

Now lie in supplication, awaiting their turn

To return to the earthen womb that birthed them.


The whiff of a dying rose

The twitter of a home-bound warbler

The first frost settling on the frigid ferns

My senior pug asleep before a crackling ingle

The aroma of cocoa, cider and cinnamon

I marvel at the beauty and grace of fall!


Is this Death or a mere hiatus?

The weary earth seeking respite

Reminding us to shed, to change, to let go

As the year flashes its last, lovely smile

Gifting us a bounty of mellow charm,

The promise of reflection and renewal,

And bidding us a hopeful Au Revoir.

Image by David Maunsell

bustle through the stalls
of autumn harvest

Image by Nick Fewings

you, old avenue…
how many love stories
do you know?

Image by Ever Omar Laura Perez

autumn`s end -
the pond reflects me
waiting for you

Image by Patrick Tomasso

hand by hand
on the old avenue -
city of rose lights

Indian seasons.png

Indian Seasons
By Lakshmi Iyer  13th December 2023


spring clouds

Disney characters

in the toddler's eyes


Basant Panchami

dadi ma's recipe 

flashes colours 


smouldering hot

dried clothes stuck

on the railway tracks



the scarecrow's bowl

full of yellow nuts


Nariyal Purnima

folk songs paddling

the waves of life


one thud on the tyre

the other bumps on our heads



whistling notes

at the faraway clouds

pied cuckoo


Navaratiri sky

the markets flooded

with sindoor


straw bundles

the weight of their tales

three-folds up


winter vegetables

a beeline 

for basmati rice


hand-stitched quilt

mother's warmth in the layers 

of old sarees


Happy New Year

kai-poche echoes

in the air

Image by Jeremy Thomas


by Sandip Chauhan  14th December 2023

Blue Lily Watercolor
Image by Robert Thiemann

velvet silence

a child's laughter turns

icicles to glass chimes

Image by Dave Hoefler

storm subsides

a rainbow forms a bridge

over the river

Image by James Wainscoat

spring mist

an ant totes a grain

larger than itself

Inner weather.png

Inner Weather
By Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia  15th December  2023

Mint Leaves

In the midst of the invincible Summer
I felt the fault lines of Arctic ice
The depth of winter’s darkness
The painful fragility near destruction.

In the unbearable cruelty of raw Spring
I looked for the unimaginable Zero Summer
Who can wait when nerves are stretched
To breaking point by agony of birth ?

In the sempiternal soddenness of Winter
I saw steam rising like a softening mist
Looking back on the woolly comfort
And beauty of an auburn Autumn

In a world of Septembers and Octobers
I was reminded of the spears of snowdrop leaves
Pushing through the Spring snow around tree trunks
Gnarled like arthritic hands in aching Winter.

Within me is my own weather my own climate
Where the lines of the Seasons are blurred.

Biographies of Poets

Steliana Cristina Voicu lives in Ploieşti, Romania and loves painting, poetry, Japanese culture, photography and astronomy. Her haiku, tanka, haiga, poetry, short-prose have been published worldwide, including Asahi Haikuist Network, Daily Haiga, The Mainichi, Under the Bashō, cattails, Chrysanthemum and others. She is founder and editor of Enchanted Garden Haiku Journal-Romania. Follow her on instagram: steliana_voicu

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