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Daily Verse

Week 1, September  2023

Image by name_ gravity

Not the End
By Sasha Clark  8th September  2023


A mere turn on the road

A new journey

A chance to learn more

A chance to know more

Ourselves as ourselves

Personality intact

A mere turn on the path

A new experience

A chance to see more

A chance to feel more

Ourselves as ourselves

Personality intact

The learning continues 

Image by Joseph Greve


By Vijay Prasad, 7th September 2023

Pink Illustrated Flower
Image by Marija Zaric

each day the same assurance i exist

Screenshot 2023-09-10 at 3.10.33 PM.png

the habit of breathing not easy to abandon

Image by Nathan Dumlao

once begun the body goes on living

Screenshot 2023-09-10 at 3.13.24 PM.png

just not to die i live

Image by Ron Szalata

The Final Full Stop
By Elizabeth V. Koshy 6th September 2023

Pink Flowers

The dreadful finality of the final full stop.
Nothingness beyond, only an endless
White space and the end of meaning.
An infant left fatherless, a wife bereft of a companion,
A mother having to kiss her dead child ‘God be by ye!’

Multiple complications, multiple surgeries.
Why such a cruel fate?
To what heavenly or earthly purpose?
Tossed between hope and hopelessness,
A quick passing seems a blessing.

The ones in pain are the ones who'd loved.
A heavy hollowness in the centre of one's being
Like a bottomless pit that cannot be filled
With memories, photographs, used items,
Anniversaries or memorial rituals.

What except the acceptance
Of the inevitability of death, living,
Holding on to a blind belief in an unknown,
Unproved possibility of existence of some sphere of meaning
Beyond the final full stop?

Image by Aron Visuals

Poems on death

By Robert Witmer 5th September 2023

Tropical Flowers & Flamingo
Mirror and Indoor Plants

we visit

the dead’s man’s house

a hot wind pushes

open the door

a mirror on the wall

Flowers on a Tombstone

we bow

we turn

we lift our eyes again

left behind

at the family tomb

sunflowers in a vase

Image by Max Tcvetkov

death knell

the rope dangles

in an empty well

Image by GR Stocks

Waiting for Godot
By Gita Viswanath 4th September 2023

Flower Arrangement 4

I eat
I drink
I shit
I sleep
My bag of memories is full
No place for more
News of weddings and babies
No longer excite me
I know you all love me
No need for reassurances
My immediate concern:
Has the help arrived?
Let me just go please.
The neem outside my window
Bores me now
I’ve said it a million times
It is beautiful
The babbler amuses me no more
The blooming begonias appear blurred
My eyes are hooded with sleep
My immediate concern:
Is my diaper wet?
Let me just go please.
The clock’s perennial tick tock
Angers me
When the doorbell rings
I want to shout
Get lost

My room of shadows
Strangles me
My immediate concern:
Is my Tramadol ordered?
Let me just go please.
I eat
I drink
I shit
I sleep
Why do I wake up
To a life devoted to orifices?
Let me just go please.

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