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Daily Verse

Week 1, November 2023

Herb Kitson.png

Trying to walk like before
by Herb Kitson 30th October, 2023


without                                     is

          the                                   like

   aid                                 trying

          of                                   to

 any                                  write

    canes                                   a

or                                   novel

crutches                                    and

     or                            the

anybody                                       last

        to                             word

    help                               of

  support                            each

      you                                    sentence






Poet's Note: I wrote "Trying To Walk Like Before" after I had to have my left leg amputated.  I attempted to describe my condition in a metaphor using writing.  To walk without some artificial means of support is like trying to write when the last word of each sentence falls off.



by Sasha Clark, 31st October, 2023



Appears so still and
quiet. But energy swirls
and dances within



Stirs sleepy flowers
Caresses the watching trees
Bees float on the breeze



Awakens nature
Strengthens and plants to aid
in their healthy growth

Image by Martin Sanchez

Thinking of Circles
By Dan Hardison 21st November 2023

Rose 2

What about the earth,
the sun and the moon;

what about morning
to night and back again;

what about seasons
where spring follows winter;

and then there is life
from birth to death.

Are we limited
to a straight line?



By Ram Chandran  2nd November 2023


spring breeze -

cherry blossoms 

fall on each other 


scent of paddy

all over the village...

summer showers 


except under

the old lighthouse, shore full of

autumn moon

winter thaw.png

winter thaw-

we agree

to disagree

Image by Johannes Plenio

By Peter A Witt  , 3rd November  2023

Abstract Splash

Piles of leaves accumulate

as memories of summer's warmth
fill sidewalks and flowerbeds
to overflowing,

   restless cold of late autumn
   blows away thoughts of swimming,

leaving us to ponder
the season of family gatherings,
mulled wine, perhaps a new
puppy nibbling at our heels.

Biographies of Poets

Herb Kitson is full professor of English at the University of Pittsburgh in Titusville, Pennsylvania, USA.  He has also worked as therapeutic support staff for Family Services, of Meadville,Pennsylvania,  USA.  To his publication credit, he has two books, two chapbooks, and individual poems in over 125 magazines.

Sasha Clark was raised in the suburbs in Baltimore, Maryland. About 11 1/2 years ago she moved with her husband to Southern New Mexico. She began writing self-healing posts on Facebook shortly after covid started. Then a friend introduced her to a Haiku group so now she writes at least one Haiku daily. She also makes gemstone necklaces, mostly turquoise. And is learning Tai Chi including sword form. Her day job is a reference investigator for a background investigation company which does screening mostly for hospitals.

A native of Tennessee, Dan Hardison now lives in Wilmington, North Carolina where he is a writer and artist. Dan's artwork is inspired by Japanese woodblocks and ink painting (sumi-e). As an artist and writer, he is drawn to the Japanese haiga – a combination of image and poem. This has led to recent work creating handmade artist books. His writing is primarily in the Japanese short form of haiku and haibun, and has appeared at Frogpond, Cattails, Contemporary Haibun Online, Drifting Sands, and other print and online journals. Dan's work can be found on his website 'Windscape Studio' and blog 'Some Tomorrow’s Morning.'

Ram Chandran is a Corporate Lawyer by profession.He has been writing English poetry since his college days. Writing Japanese short form poetry since 2020, his English language haiku and other Japanese short form poetries have been widely published internationally in print and digital Journals. A collection of his Tanka poems titled " The flight of a dragonfly" was published in April 2023 by Southern Arizona Press (SAP).

Peter A. Witt is a Texas poet, avid birder/photographer, and researcher/writer of family history. He started writing poetry after 42 years as a university professor as a way of recapturing my storytelling and creative writing abilities, skills lost in the stultifying world of academic writing. His work has appeared in several online poetry publications including Fleas on the Dog, Open Skies Quarterly, and Active Muse.

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