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Daily Verse

Final Week, May  2024

memories of an old home in Kerela (India).jpg

In Kerela
by Geeta Varma  27th May 2024


In Kerala,

In September,

The same light,

And same smells

Greet me.

Trees, leaves, roads and roofs

Shine in the rain.

Mother, frail, weak,

In a starched white sari

Has the same smile

As she opens the door.

Nothing has changed,

Except, the old house,

Now just a cloud

Of haunting memories.

a scroll & pen.jpg


by Snigdha Agrawal 28th May 2024

the sidepose of a woman in a saree.jpg

fads and fashions 


I stick to the six yards


a woman on a couch.jpg

those five days

curled up on the sofa     

wishes creation had been 

more empathetic 

towards women


level playing field


whiteness superimposed with

  streak of vermillion 

  bindi on forehead

  glass bangles,



a seachange

children smiling.png

emaciated frames...

Parle biscuits

enough to put back      

smiles atrophied



By Govind Joshi 29th May  2024

a mason waterproofing the roof.jpg

winds of change
a junk dealer turned mason
waterproofing the roof

yellow leaves under a lemon tree.jpg

yellow leaves
under the lemon tree
change of guard

a silver-haired man in thought.jpg

silver hair
the unfulfilled wishes
he no longer longs for

fledgling in the nest.jpg

autumn morning
young bird's last day
in the nest


Haiku & Senryu

By R. Suresh Babu 30th May 2024

Watercolor Shape
monsoon clouds.jpg

monsoon clouds

the blind meteorologist

describes a rainbow

moon flower.jpg

moon flower

the monarch

camouflages a moth

touch-me-not plant.jpg

touch - me - not

the extra salt

in his gruel

an abstract about life.jpg


By Vijay Prasad 31st May 2024

i step into the wind_and become nothing.jpg

last version -

i step into the wind

and become nothing

her_tectonic shifts_🅸 v brate.jpg


tectonic shifts

🅸 v brate

all her micro seasons retrobranded.jpg

all her micro seasons retrobranded

an abstract showing how habits replace a person gradually.jpg

it’s the habits that replace me gradually

an abstract that shows how after each application she refreshes her designers smiles.jpg

after each application she refreshes her designers smiles

altering my amino acid contents  a Kafkaesque situation.jpg

altering my amino acid contents  a Kafkaesque situation

Biographies of Poets

Geeta Varma is a poet based in Chennai. She has worked as a teacher and freelance journalist for some time. She has to her credit two books of poems and is a regular contributor to a few online magazines. She lives in Neelankarai with her husband Shreekumar Varma and has two sons, Vinayak married to Yamini, and Karthik.

R. Suresh Babu is a graduate teacher of English in a Government Residential School in India. His works have been published in Cattails, Failed Haiku, Wales Haiku Journal, Akitsu, Presence, Under the Basho, Poetry Pea Journal and Podcast, The Asahi Shimbun, World Haiku Series, The Mamba, Kontinuum, Haikuniverse, Cold Moon Journal, Chrysanthemum, tsuri-dōrō and The Mainichi. He has done the art works for the Haiku anthology Bull-Headed, edited by Corine Timmer.

Vijay Prasad is a poet from Patna, India. He is disappointingly interested in life. He has a passion for haiku, language, philosophy, and so on ... He is published in Bones, Under the Basho, tinywords, Failed Haiku, The Mumba Journal, Haiku Dialogue, Prune Juice, among others. 

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