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Daily Verse

Week 1, February  2024

Image by Andrei Lazarev

byGeeta Varma 5th February 2024

Tropical Flower


On the walls

Lengthen, circle, bend…

As we move around.

Grandma’s tales are over.

A large hand approaches,

Picks up the lamp,

The ceiling brightens,

Then darkens

As the light moves

Into the darkness of the night.

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More Poetry is Needed

Rosemary and Olives
Image by Robert Katzki

Light & Shadow
By Neena Singh  7th February 2024

Intricate Snowflake

In the dance of Nature’s embrace, 

Light and shadow hold their place 

Golden rays paint a canvas so bright 

Shadows whisper secrets to the night. 

Sunset hues are a symphony of delight,

Ushering the dark is this fleeting sight.


The golden moon and branches play, 

Casting shadows that in mystery sway. 

Light reveals, shadows veil the unknown, 

A delicate balance strikes the world’s zone.

In every contrast, our life’s story is spun, 

Light and shadow stay forever as one.



by Paul Callus 8th February 2024


penumbra –

the uncertainty

in their relationship



across the dunes

a seagull’s shadow

Image by Richard Bell

soliloquy –

another grateful visit

to his donor’s grave

Image by Colin Czerwinski
Flower Girl

Awaiting Rainbow

by Pravat Kumar Padhy 9th February 2024

Ripples of clouds
gather on the horizon
the early morning sun
about to shine
the waves of my dream
Gentle breeze
over the pristine river  
a sudden storm
uproots the tree laden with hope
filling the void with shivers of cold
An art of love
of the bright sculpture
near the shore
as though the waves of passion
climb up only to break and return
Morning zephyr
across the tall grass field
whispers something 
I could feel
in my loneliness the urge within
The touch  
of springtide I miss
on my thirsty lips
the winter evening continues
to scrub the splintered memories
A crescent moon
at midnight edge …
I walk alone
rewinding the time
of my vanished dream
Still along
the weathered trail
solemnly I wish   
the new sun hitherto to shine
for the lone tree to bloom again

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