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Daily Verse

Week 4, December 2023

Image by Mateo  Avila Chinchilla

As the Years go by
By Ivy Hansdak   25th December, 2023

Watercolor Leaves

As the years go by

Like loving spirits of mid-day dreams

I dreamt upon grassy, sunlit spots,

Which dwelt only for a gracious moment;


So my thoughts fade into nothingness

Blown by the winds of experience;

Then settles on my yet-youthful heart

Feelings untouched by mind’s fancy;


Then, like winter treading on autumn’s heels

And overtaking its serene beauty,

My heart is darkened by melancholy,

As I regret the passage

Of the years gone by.

Image by John Murphey
Rosemary and Olives
Image by David Goulding

elm leaves hold fast

nobody wants to be


Image by Nathan Dumlao


my pumpkin spice coffee

under a harvest moon

Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

getting louder

colorful whispers of


Image by Christopher Sardegna

Mellow March
By Sangeetha Kamath 27th December 2023

Pencil and notepad

Dainty spring under the March sun rays  pale and mellow

Snowdrops take a bow and hellebores put on a show

Garden fairies pirouette in green tutus

As dawn celebrates with pastel plums and ecrus

Bewitching is this earth's heavenly song

Cold lament of winter's fine veil was long gone

Dewdrops shimmer on the sweet smelling grass

Gardens will bloom and birds will sing the sweetest of chants

New saplings in the fields and pastures rise

Warm breeze serenades them under shell-pink skies

Decoration accessories


by Mona Bedi 28th December 2023

Tropical Flower
Image by Rad Pozniakov

winter stars —
how warm this silence
between us

Image by Chris Barbalis

vermilion sky --
the radiant smile
of a new bride


lip syncing the prayer kindergarten assembly


A Calendar of Events
By Sekhar Banerjee,  29th December  2023




Oranges ripen to pure gold

Pomegranates to infinite drops of new fire


Old winter returns home tired.





Gloomy autumn visits Mahua forest

Yellow leaves wilt and fall one by one


Sunlight misses its full shadow.





Lovers break up in autumn

A familiar knock on the door in spring


Kisses melt silence in lips.





Water ripples around a fish-hook

Angler listens to the rotation of earth


Summer sky breaks in pond




A rainy day in hills

old rooster prays long in the morning


A forecast for more rain

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