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Daily Verse

Week 2 June  2023

Image by Steve Tsang

Requiem for a cat
By Rupa Anand,  9th June  2023

Drawing of Cat

requiem for a cat

dead on the street, lifeless she lay

i saw her late evening, on a Monday


a striped tabby, beautiful and white

glinting fur in the night's lamp light


hit in all probability by a speeding car

its occupant unbothered to look too far


i didn’t know this beauty one bit

just couldn’t bear to call her an ‘it’


so gave her the gender feminine

in keeping with elegant looks so fine


were nearby gardens her little home?

now this dark street was her last tomb


did she frolic with friends, purr for fun?

laze and bask in the afternoon sun?


was she mother or father to any at all?

what did it matter, who cared to recall?


was she loved and would she be missed?

was she picked up and tenderly kissed?


my eyeballs swam in tears so hot

i longed to revive the cat thus lost


life snuffed out so cruel and fine

her fault, to cross at the wrong time


stepping over quickly, i got in to drive

to home and people who knew i’d arrive


wishing i’d held her and placed her to rest

not left her there so alone and undressed


how pompous our lives, so frail and so small

look at Nature’s creatures, so grand and so tall

Marble Rocks


By Karen Pierce Gonzalez, 8th June 2023

Flower Girl

late afternoon
summer sun
warms breezy clouds
westward cotton
the sky bed of day

one handwritten love note
drunk with wine stains
with the passing
of time –
a glass half-full

Image by Rampal Singh

A Poem
By Anju Kishore, 7th June 2023

To rise from the ashes, blossom from its greys
pluck a petal from the sun's millions
and fire yourself with its blaze
Weep, be drunk with the defeat
Let flow, let be flushed the shattered chalice
And when the heart be aired and the eyes be mopped
decipher the designs drawn into the loss
for nothing here comes unplanned
Unaccounted for, none leaves the plot
Walk tall and dangerous
The world will watch you arrive
for you will have the sun in your eyes

Female Bust


By Mona Bedi 6th June 2023

all woman train

the comforting chatter

of family gossip

living alone

the intoxicating scent 

of fresh linen 

Image by Dmitry Tomashek

Sorting Out
By Pris Campbell 5th June 2023

It was either sailing

off into the open mouth

of the sea and its mystery

or stay put in a job I loved  

where my boss thought

I was better than whipped cream

and three men were in love

with me, wanting me to leave

the very wrong man I chose 

to be their juliet.


I went with the sea.

Who can resist a thriller 

writ on the crest of a wave 

or rides through black nights,

deck boɓbing beneath.

Who can resist wrong choices 

when they lead you to unknown 

harbors, ports teeming with long

faces hanging out near your boat

wishing it was them sailing 

off from all they've known,

wanting the guts to throw

open their arms to a big yes.

Yes to taking the chance

that led me to blue skies

and storms, dolphins

in the chop, a technicolor  dream

to look back on now that I'm old.

Biographies of Poets

Rupa Anand is a spiritual seeker and a published writer of experiences. Writing since 2008, her poems are an expression of images, thoughts, ideas, emotions and events that somehow get etched upon her mind and psyche. She says “There is magic in Nature. I hope my poems will connect readers with the beauty and calm of the natural world." Rupa has a BA (Hons) in English Literature from Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi. A cancer survivor, she lives in New Delhi with her husband, daughter and beloved cats.

Karen lives in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area and has recently had her second poetry chapbook, Coyote in the Basket of My Ribs, published by Kelsay Books. Her third chapbook, Down River with Li Po, will be a 2024 Black Cat Poetry Press selection.

Anju Kishore, formerly a finance professional, is a Pushcart Prize nominee, a published poet, and an award-winning editor of numerous free-verse anthologies. She is now exploring Japanese forms of poetry. Her book of poems, ‘…and I Stop to Listen’ (2018) inspired by the civil war in Syria was well received. Her poems, some of them prize-winning, have been part of many anthologies and journals.

Mona Bedi is a medical doctor in Delhi, India. She has been writing poetry since childhood but a few years back she started writing the Japanese form.. haiku. She has authored two poetry books published by the name of 'they you and me' and 'dancing moonlight.' She received the Grand Prize in the 3rd Morioka Haiku Festival, 2021 and four haiku of merit in the World Haiku Review 2021/2022 alongwith an honourable mention at the Japan Fair 2021. Her haiku, tanka haibun and Haiga has been published in various journals of repute like Presence, Modern haiku, Haiku dialogue, Haiku in Action, Triveni haikuKatha, Drifting sands, Failed haiku, Stardust, among others.

The poems of Pris Campbell have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. The Small Press has published twelve collections of her poetry. All In, with Scott Owens, comes out June 2023.

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