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Daily Verse

Week 4, August 2023

Image by Robert Linder

That's why I like toys
By Gregory Arena 25th August  2023

Teddy Bear

That’s why I like toys.
They’re holy relics
From a future church’s sanctuary
To give us knowledge and hope.
Wine and water, water and wine,
Something divine and forever,
Little treasures of infinity

Image by Serge Le Strat


By Jennifer Gurney, 22nd August 2023

Watercolor Butterfly 7
Image by Lefteris kallergis

That deep-breath moment

Of lacing up your courage

And taking a step

Image by bruce mars

Languidly I wake

Stretching in the luxury

Of time

Image by John Royle

Mama and baby doe

Frolicking together

In early morning rain

Image by K. Mitch Hodge

By Nigama RV  23rd August 2023

Image by Louis Galvez

Weeping to the heart’s loss

Furious at the life’s deception

Suppressing the mind’s groan

One moment, blaming the fates


Ruthlessly accusing self 

Reluctant to the separation 

Waiting for the chaos in silence 

Hoping for the peace 

But my heart and mind are numb

Of feeling any emotions


Regretting being ever born,

Raw with pain, exposed to the reality 

Wrapping myself tightly 

Wishing your hands around

Coz only you meant the world


Greedily catching the moments

I lose myself into you, 

Over and over, again...

Image by Dan Gold

Joyful Journey

By Sasha Clark  22nd August 2023


The rock feels an impulse
The nature of the rock is to go slow
An impulse can last decades


The rock begins to lean down the mountain


Bit by bit the rock slides down
Rain helps the rock on its journey

The rock feels joy in its progress
It doesn't worry the decades away
It is happy just to be

A young boy plucks the rock from the ground
to show his father the wonderful agate
he just found

Finally the journey is complete
The joy of the rock is shared

Image by Steve Johnson

The Short burn of our together
By Bobby Parrott

Abstract Pattern 24

Our bones are made of compressed grasshoppers
who, though their mouths work side-to-side
instead of up and down, have forgotten how to

coax electric eels out of their inflatable wading
pool jail cells. Hence a redundancy. To electrocute
the unscrupulous, a toy camera beyond broken

lets a kite string snag and splay branch-tips
of stop and ego, where we climb a rickety ladder
into the yew just to sharpen our hearts

on splinters of forget. So why is it that now
as you speak, your eyes contradict your mouth
as its moon-monopoly turns intentions

wormward? And what's with your shoulders? Must
they tilt words, flip wrenches into the sentences
left blinking in this verbal combustion? And please

don't simmer our love to less than never. Smallness
grows us to enclose a forested cosmos, where love
is less unreal than dismember, and even the shortest


strings blind vibrations. But to slip that diamond
spear into my bark is to purr over your sliver
of tinder, fashion our music to a world more singular.

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