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Daily Verse

Week 4,July  2023


By Snigdha Agrawal,  28th July 2023

Vintage Mirror

Amongst the sea of
faces, she was not
hard to find with that
thousand-watt smile
like a bright neon light
waiting at the arrival gate
holding a bouquet of roses
That smile
would have recognized
elapsed time
That little wild child
once held my hand
chose to break free
grew filigreed wings
turned into a poised
confident woman
albeit still the child
peeking from within
heart burst with pride

Green Theme


By Karen Pierce Gonzales, 27th July 2023

Watercolor Butterfly 7

Paper Sea

Image by Brian Yurasits

I float on my back across tissue currents,
legs drawn in; hands wrapped around bony knees.
Beneath onion-skin sky, corrugated waves
carry me towards a forest recall:
flat brown-green kelp

reaching for sunlight through cutouts of surf.

Image by David Marcu

Where Horizons bend


rounded smooth
we skip
seven times
like stones


the last strait
to skim
the other side.


By Ram Chandran, 25th July 2023

Hand Drawing


of coins in the box,

the possessed busker's sax


spring rain-

the scent of night jasmine

pervades my dream

Image by Thought Catalog

Being Feminine

By Debarati Sen, 26the July 2023

Dancing Woman

Every time I try to break the barriers
my role as a woman is being persistently questioned.
My benevolence as a female who is the epitome of benign kindness is in jeopardy.
My existence as a human being is growing in precarity
being overshadowed by my existence as a woman.
"Women aren't supposed to shout", they said
they gave me a cold stare every time I raised an eyebrow and my voice
they did not find me 'feminine' enough.
They said I did not duplicate Goddess Lakshmi in my posture and actions
I questioned why Lakshmi? I could be Kali and still bear equanimity!
They snapped at me again for trying to defy the norms.
For not paying heed to their exigencies
they said this might be my worst deluge of mistakes
not being coy enough
not nodding to their patriarchal rants.
Trying to break free from the shackles of a dismembered identity.
If being vociferous meant being less of a woman, I am better that way!
looking for something more tangible than being 'feminine'.

Atlas 2.jpg

Atlas in Atlas
By Jan Wiezorek


Hold celestial
heavens on your
naked shoulders, or,

as Mercator would
have it, the globe
on your fleshy bones.

Muscle the bonds
of heaven while we
pull your curtain

of moonrise & dodge
the comets. Bookmark
the stars w/ music

of the spheres, orality,
& traces of touch—
before the surf

tickles your toes.

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