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Daily Verse

Week 3, March  2024


Strains of Polonaise 
by Latika Singha  18th  March  2024


when the heart
is heavy,

and the spirit
is hovering low,

strains of
the polonaise
waft by,

as though,
from an isle
far away..


turning bleak black
into ashen
then gold
to amber..

your shoulders
in a swath
of warmth,

you feel the
seeping away..

and the shuddering
sobs, retreat
into gentle

shorn of

with the calm
of the momemt,

you rise up

to greet
another day

Image by Kari Shea


by Mona Bedi  19th March 2024


becoming one
with the universe
Om chanting

Image by Caleb George

Himalayan retreat
the conversations I have
with a gurgling brook

blind dancers.png

blind school
we dance to the music
of hope

Image by Roman Kraft

We are One

By Deby Cedars 22nd March 2024

Flower Outline

I met you in the Springtime.

Your love was so divine.

The start of something new.

It’s a miracle that I met you.


You kissed me on the first date.

True love was our great fate.

The attention lasted so long.

The passion has been so strong.


And now we’re at the altar.

Our love will never falter.

We’re going to stay together,

Through any kind of weather.


We are one.


The vows will never be broken.

Our promises are sweetly spoken.

Now you may kiss your bride.

And forever stay by my side.


The honeymoon will be long.

Romance a never-ending song.

The bouquet smells so sweet.

It lands at her feet.

I wonder if she will be

the next bride to come.

If she will have what we have

Romance love and fun.


I wonder if the cycle,

never does end.

And she will have what we have.

She’s my best friend.


We are one.

We are one

We are one.

Image by Evie S.

Hear Your Heart

By Jan Stretch 23rd March 2024


love is letting go

of you

taking your last breath

while still

breathing mine


no longer tethered

to this earth

you explore

the light beyond


my tears fall

unspoken words


up and down

my spine

a cool draft

from beyond


I hear you whisper…



will be OK

I will always

hear your heart

Image by Jace & Afsoon


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