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Daily Verse

Week 4, June  2024

riding a unicorn with a veil on the rider's face.jpg

Riding a Unicorn
by Petrouchka Alexieva  24th June 2024


I am riding my crispy-white unicorn

With sparkling star on his horn.


Where am I going?


Silver moonlight from above

Is painting a path

Among blossoming meadows

Of my dreams and desires.


I am riding my unicorn

Through the mist;

Barefooted, with veil on my hips,

Softly wearing my morning tiara, 

Cleansing gently my soul

In the whispering creek.


Where am I going?


I am riding

Towards the morning.

Don’t wake me up, please…

Image by Clay Banks

Midsummer Magic

by Jennifer Gurney 25th June 2024

the day reflected_starlight's luminescence_in your eyes.jpg

the day reflected

starlight's luminescence

in your eyes

oh, that first breath_of lilac-scented air_through the open window.jpg

oh, that first breath

of lilac-scented air

through the open window

one with nature_fills my soul_alone not lonely.jpg

one with nature

fills my soul

alone not lonely

summer solstice.jpg

Summer’s solstice celebration

By Karen Pierce Gonzales 26th June 2024

The mid-year party begins at dawn,

mushrooms up towards the heavens

where white moon doves, unseen by the naked eye,

swoop down and circle our hearts until open.


Being at home here, we learn to fly without wings

while frogs, lichen, rocks, and bark

—rugged or smooth—

form a choir of sounds that always return us safely.


Among hosts, guests, and omens,

we toast one another’s light and shadows

as lunar bird feathers dust wine glasses of dusk

until sunset becomes a moonrise merlot.

Image by Debby Hudson


By Tuyet Van Do 27th June 2024

birdsong _under the shade_a swinging hammock .jpg


under the shade

a swinging hammock 

Image by Rowan Heuvel

summer holidays

under the beach shower

fur baby

floral dresses on mannequins in shop window.jpg

weekend shopping

behind the windows

floral dresses

Image by Olga Tutunaru

Poems on Midsummer

By Jerome Berglund 28th June  2024

against red siding_flock of juncos_on the factory roof.jpg

against red siding

flock of juncos

on the factory roof

unfurling_the scroll glass _abalone shell.jpg


the scroll glass 

abalone shell

in morning_loon is heard but _not oft spotted .jpg

in morning

loon is heard but 

not oft spotted 

rocking chairs_two discolored sunflowers _stand tall__.jpg

rocking chairs

two discolored sunflowers 

stand tall

Biographies of Poets

Jennifer Gurney lives in Colorado where she teaches, paints, writes and hikes. Her poetry has appeared internationally in a wide variety of journals, including The Ravens Perch, HaikUniverse, Haiku Corner, Cold Moon Journal, Scarlet Dragonfly and The Haiku Foundation. Jennifer’s haiku has recently won the 6th Basho-an International English Haiku Competition. Her poetry has also been accepted into the Ars Nova Shared Vision project in Colorado and will be turned into a choral piece and performed in a series of concerts in the Denver area this June.

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