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Daily Verse

Week 1, December 2023

Image by Iris

Moving On
by Pris Campbell  4th December, 2023, 2023


My ‘68 VW waits at the curb, 

engine running to warm it enough

for pistons to move it smoothly 

through the ice-bound roads 

out of Boston to my job.


Pans of water, boiled two flights 

of stairs in the upstairs duplex,

radiators clanging a symphony,

soon melt enough ice front

and back to scrape patches of clear glass

to see in these days before automatic heaters.


The old lady next door comes out

dressed in her thick gray coat

to stand in the dark with me,

offers horror stories about driving in snow

when ‘she was young’. Disappears quickly 

back into her home when a slosh

of ice barely misses her.


Now to see if the front door latch,

loosened enough to open, will pop

back out to close after me and I can be

on my way.


Today, it’s stubborn.

Another bout with the lighter is useless.

I open front and back windows ,

grab my tow rope from the trunk

to climb in and tie the door shut.


I picture my boss —

I’m late. I’m late for a very important date.


The VW and I head down the road, wind

restyling my hair, soaking my coat.

My hands and toes are numb.


Next year I’ll move south, I promise myself.

Next year for sure.

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by Milan Raj Kumar 5th December, 2023

Image by Anton Sukhinov

how feeble
this spring sunlight –
yet her memories

Image by Wren Meinberg

this emptiness 
of whistling ducks –
Loktak in summer

( Loktak lake which is in Manipur) 

Image by Rana Sawalha

falling autumn leaves –
she combs her long hair
again and again

Image by Emily Toycen

dawn chorus—
a small lump of snow
chirps from a pine branch

Outdoor Fireplace

Beneath the Seasons & Love
By Emiraldo Prifti  6th December 2023


In the clumsy winter, I like immersing myself in

its lethargy,

close to the crackling fireplace with a book in



I adore spring as it blooms with the crimson blush

of the peach blossoms,

and I look for the summer in the olive trees

along the distant hills.


As I recline in a sturdy wooden chair, the rays of

the autumn sun fall steeply

between the branches. I, hope to borrow a little

from my muse.


The trees surrender their golden leaves to the

autumn, dropping them carelessly.

The first ones just touch the dense ground

when my grandmother asks me,

"Which season do you like the most?"


My childish heart couldn't discern differences

back then. I shrugged.

The old loom. Woven carpets hanging. Spinning

cotton. Trees.


‘’Love has seasons,’’ she whispered. I raise my


She chuckles, her wrinkles deepening in her

snowy face.

Was each one a mark of the seasons she had



Time has come for me to give her some dormant

answers. And I start to write:

Subject: Seasons

I didn't know that love has seasons until my

grandmother told me once.

Green Theme

Poems on Seasons

by Bonnie Scherer 7th December 2023

Autumn Wreath
Image by Maddy Baker

a change in me 

a change in you — 



spring’s hope 

summer’s bloom 

autumn’s chill 

winter’s gloom … 

my seasons too

Image by Joshua Newton

hope springs eternal 

in the fall of my life – 

the slow burn of a long night 

Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 9.22.55 AM.png

Winter Freeze
By Pushpa Parekh 8th December  2023

Mint Leaves

I look at the dates

that string moments

and memories

across the face of time 

and a corner

of certainty

falls apart,

I am opening

the folds of 

a memory


draping it 

across winters

of cold and frost

stifled hopes

and undying fears


I drape it

across my heart

my soul

the tips of my bare feet

and feel the warmth

of coming alive.

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