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Daily Verse

Week 3, October 2023


Think of Iago
by Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia, 16th October, 2023

Monster Hunt

Think of Iago and his motiveless malignity 

It fills him and gives meaning to his life 

It goads him to action, however dreadful 

It ties him to the daily beauty of a life

That shows his own as ugly 

Yes, jealousy does colour his pure hatred 

But he hates good simply because it’s good 

And he is evil. 

That’s the very devil. 

Hate is his Fate

But Hate keeps him alive.

Others around him are murdered or commit suicide 

But he remains alive even when wounded

And has to be executed. 


Hate is a force, and to deny it is foolish. 

Hate is a huge motivator.

It takes good people a long time to understand this 

For they tend to believe in the power of Love 

And that is not wrong 

But it can make them oblivious to or unbelieving of

the power of Hate.

Hate may spring from weakness and end in nothingness 

But while it lives, it can be a formidable force

And it is not easy to fight and eliminate

For Hate of course cannot be killed with Hate 

It also cannot be killed with innocence or simplicity 

It needs patience and it needs ingenuity.


Fortunately, Love has both, in plenty 

But only if it is true, lasting and mature 

Young and impetuous Love is often no match

For Ancient Hatred.


Old Nick is wily

As was the Serpent.

Various Indian Spices


by Vijay Prasad, 17th October 2023

Yellow Roses Illustration
Image by Lesly Juarez

adultery –
on her lips
an oversize smile

Abstract Shapes

beneath her surface an unfamiliar landscape

Image by Erika Fletcher

during the commercial break her promises

Image by Gordana Milosevic

thereafter      her body begins to claim its boundaries

Image by Aung Soe Min

inside the love her lingual ways

Image by Pete F

A Poem
By Geeta Varma, 18th October 2023

Crying Eye

the gushing waves

breaking all barriers

seeped in through cracks

of the crumbling wall.

a gentle trickle of tears

replaced words, actions,

carrying them away

into the depths of the ocean

drowning, blinded.

What shore welcomed them?

Or, are they lost forever?!

No one knows.


Love And Hate

By Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia 19th October 2023

Image by Brett Jordan

It is so easy to hate someone or something

It is so hard to love 

Hatred is really as simple as labelling 

Love you must prove


I say ‘I hate you’ and I walk away 

It’s simple and quick

I say ‘I love you’ and I have to stay

These three words stick


I hate cockroaches and I simply kill them 

No questions asked 

I love my cats, make commitments, fulfil them 

I’ve multi- tasked. 

Bomb shelter.png

When I hear a Plane
By Jan Stretch , 20th October 2023

Paper Plane

when I hear a plane
I wonder who is on it
and where it’s going…
perhaps an exotic land
with warm white beaches
when I hear a plane — I wish
that I was on it
flying away to explore
an unknown city
through culture, arts and music
when I hear a plane
I see the children’s faces
crying silently…
huddled in a damp cellar
praying that the bombing stops

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