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Daily Verse

Week 2, May  2024

Image by Rohit Tandon


by Debarati Sen  6th May 2024


Like a chrysalis moon, I emerge out of my yesteryears, with nostalgia dripping from my veins.

I look for a home far away from home

like a rootless man seeking a sense of belonging to a place.

As I stand by my window and gaze outside

threadbare memories look for  sunshine on a frosty noon,

their faint murmur is like the bourdon note of yesterday.

From the other end of the horizon, a new tomorrow beckons me,

I trundle along to hold its hand. 

A yesterday wrapped in camaraderie walks past me

and vanishes into the silence of a late winter evening.

As the last train leaves the station,

I prepare to leave yesterday behind

like the old geometry box that I no longer need. 

On my way back, a Gulmohar reminds me,

‘Every end is a new beginning’.

I metamorphose into a butterfly moon. 

Image by Dibakar Roy

Haiku: On Transformation

by Steliana Christiana Voicu 7th May 2024

he prunes__the old sour cherry tree…__a chrysalis waiting for wings.jpg

he prunes

the old sour cherry tree…

a chrysalis waiting for wings

after the earthquake -__and yet the cherry tree__in bloom.jpg

after the earthquake -

and yet the cherry tree

in bloom

deep green…_the sky fills_with song.jpg

deep green…

the sky fills

with song

sky ripens…

one cherry redder

than the other

Screenshot 2024-05-25 at 5.00.00 PM.png


By Geeta Varma 8th May  2024

Chocolate Praline


The placid pool

Turns murky

With the blowing winds.

Leaves scatter, fly

Trees struggle to stand

They bend, ready to fall

Like an old woman

With blown hair

Clouds move fast

Darkness descends

Then it rains, pours, floods

A grand chaos on the earth

For an hour, stops,

The sky is clear again

As though nothing happened

Except for the inner transformation.

Image by Jorge Fernández Salas


By Dan Hardison 1oth May 2024

Watercolor Shape

There has been rain for days
and even weary flowers
are longing for the sun.

Finally the rain stops
and through a break in the clouds
the arch of a rainbow is revealed –
       a promise.

Image by S O C I A L . C U T

Poems: On Transformation

By Rupa Anand 9th May 2024

like an old banyan_going deep into its roots_Benares visit.jpg

like an old banyan

going deep into its roots

Benares visit

on the grass_swinging my arms to & fro_tai chi morning .jpg

on the grass

swinging my arms to & fro

tai chi morning 

sandalwood smoke_blowing in the breeze _Manikarnika.jpg

sandalwood smoke

blowing in the breeze 


Biographies of Poets

Debarati Sen is a recipient of the ‘Poiesis Award for Excellence in Poetry -2023’, and the Sylvia Plath Women's Literary Award. A poet from Kolkata, she  writes both long verses and haiku. She has recently been declared the winner of NaPoWriMo 2023 by the Elite Book Awards. She has published two solo poetry collections and has contributed to more than 10 anthologies. Her haiku has been published in various international journals. Her latest collection of poems, Saudade, was brought out by Penprints in 2022.

Steliana Cristina Voicu lives in Ploieşti, Romania and loves painting, poetry, Japanese culture, photography and astronomy.  Her haiku, tanka, haiga, poetry, short-prose have been published worldwide, including Asahi Haikuist Network, Daily Haiga, The Wise Owl-The Daily Verse, Under the Bashō, Chrysanthemum and others. She is founder and editor of Enchanted Garden Haiku Journal-Romania.

Geeta Varma is a poet based in Chennai. She has worked as a teacher and freelance journalist for some time. She has to her credit two books of poems and is a regular contributor to a few online magazines. She lives in Neelankarai with her husband Shreekumar Varma and has two sons, Vinayak married to Yamini, and Karthik.

A native of Tennessee, Dan Hardison now lives in Wilmington, North Carolina where he is a writer and artist. Dan's artwork is inspired by Japanese woodblocks and ink painting (sumi-e). As an artist and writer, he is drawn to the Japanese haiga – a combination of image and poem. This has led to recent work creating handmade artist books. His writing is primarily in the Japanese short form of haiku and haibun, and has appeared at Frogpond, Cattails, Contemporary Haibun Online, Drifting Sands, and other print and online journals. Dan's work can be found on his website 'Windscape Studio' and blog 'Some Tomorrow’s Morning.'

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