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Daily Verse

Week 2, August 2023

Image by Gabriele Motter

The Sky
By Saranya Narayanan,  11th August  2023

Illustrated Night

The sky wears a tenebrous look today,
Timidly seeping through the depths
Of the clouds,
I perch on my cushion, soft as feather,

And ponder:
Is night the only reality that has
Endured through thousands of years?

The stars resist to show up,
Either on my face or yours;
The lullabies of the moon flows across
The solitude of the night,
Answering the calls of the wind.
The night is endeared in the expanse
Of the sky, unfolding promises,
In the folds of time.

Abstract Liquid

An Ode to Hope

By Shruti Bhardwaj, 9th August 2023


Behold, a melancholic morn unfolds, wherein the essence departs,

While I, a mere spectator, bear witness to the anguished cries,

Bemoaning the vanishing silhouette, draped in sorrow's art,

Who among us stands resolute to sanction such demise?


Who possesses the audacity to endure suffering's piercing sting,

Alas, the answer eludes, for greed obscures the way,

A world bedecked in want, oblivious to compassion's spring,

No solace found only gains to sway.


Whispered tales of savagery, hidden deep within the undergrowth,

Little did I fathom encountering such wickedness here,

Where funeral pyres kindle amidst lands that laughter once clothe,

Grimacing faces, tears bereft of saline's tears.


Their vile, deceitful nature, oft concealed from sight,

Growing exponentially, striking venom with malicious glee,

How shall man mend his fragmented heart's plight,

As empty, selfless souls traverse a desolate sea?


The heavens, still smudged with soot, decline to shine with clarity,

Whilst night, a serpentine specter, extends its lethal roots,

Times grow stern, and loss assumes an unbearable severity,

Hope for humanity's redemption, alas, no longer disputes.


A world enchained, shackled by ignominy's chains,

Yet, the rhythm of day and night persists, its course unswayed,

While within the depths of hearts, remorse silently reigns,

Can the hands of time reverse, granting joy's eternal cascade?


Memories of love's demise, an elegy forever sung,

A symphony of silence reverberates within my core,

Till the final curtain falls, in the recesses, you shall be hung,

In me, your absence lingers, a solitary tear I bore.


But lo, amidst the shrouded sorrow, a glimmer shall arise,

A flame of resilience, ablaze within the chambers of the soul,

Seeking solace in the depths where compassion lies,

Weaving threads of hope, mending what was broken, making us whole.


For in surrender lies the strength to transcend,

To face the tempest's wrath, undaunted and unbowed,

And as the currents of time graciously blend,

The surrender of self shall birth a radiant shroud.


Embrace the surrender, let it be the vessel of transformation,

To rise above the ashes, phoenix-like, with grace,

For within the depths of despair lies true liberation,

And in the surrender of self, we find our rightful place.


So let the verses of this ode echo far and wide,

An anthem for those who've weathered storms and strife,

May the surrendered self be a beacon, a guide,

Illuminating paths to an existence steeped in light.


Micro Poems
By Linda Ludwig,  8thAugust 2023

Yellow Roses Illustration
Image by Nazrin Babashova

blue door

an invitation

feng shui

Image by Cynthia Frankvoort

the old swing

a child’s 

first solo flight

Image by narubono

two crows

sitting on a split rail

one says to the other

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