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Daily Verse

Week 1, July  2024

Image by Toni  Reed

by Kellie Brown  1st July 2024


The hush of silence

lies heavy on me,

a weighted blanket

enveloping, comforting.


I still smile
to the sound of birds,
their melodious voices
swapping call and response
through leafy boughs.


But oh, the superiority of
silence woven from solitude,
rare, treasured,

the finest silk.

I am a student of

nature’s companionless quietude—
the soundless, singular moonrise
the lone snowflake’s whispery descent.


All a rehearsal for

a final inhalation,
a halted heartbeat,
a wordless soul ascending.

Image by Alisa Anton

Poems on Solitude

by Kavita Ratna 2nd July 2024

a dip in the middle_of your pillow...jpg

a dip in the middle

of your pillow...

empty echo

mother clasps my hand 7 I see the veins on the back of her hand_.jpg

amma's handclasp

blue veins 

map a river

watching shadows on the wall as I lie on a duvet.jpg

wall gazing

from under a duvet


Image by Yasin Arıbuğa


By Dr Marie Annie  3rd July 2024

The children have left.

The patter of small feet

taken flight

to their destinations.

Silence of the home

Is solitude,

It lands on your shoulder

you carry it about

not wanting to lay

It down Till the next visit.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

Haiku on Solitude

By Giuliana Ravaglia, 4th July 2024

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

extinguished candles -

the sound of silence

at dusk

one leaf fluttering in the wind.jpg

leaf in the wind -

the song of the shadow

who moves away

one empty rocking chair during sunset.jpg

empty chair -
melancholic blues
at sunset

abstract representing rejuvenation.jpg


By Sanjeev Sethi  5th July  2024

Like empty calories, all emotions aren’t alimentative.

Longueur soaks through my passage. With imaginary

pompoms, I stand by my side, applauding its apopemptic

moves. In the scriptorium of mind, I seal our story, long

and short, of my injury, my embrocation. Half-heard

noises take shelter in my solitude to create the nectar

of neighborliness. In such a frame, I find my fulcrum.

Biographies of Poets

Kavita Ratna is a children's rights activist, poet and a theatre enthusiast. Sea Glass is her anthology of poems published by Red River. Her poems have appeared in The Kali Project: Invoking the Goddess within, A little book of serendipity, Muse India, The Wise Owl, Triveni Hakai India, Haiku in Action, the Scarlet Dragonfly, the Cold Moon Journal, Five Fleas Itchy poetry, the Haiku Dialogue, Stardust Haiku, Leaf (Journal of The Daily Haiku), and many others. She was on the Haiku panel at the Glass House Poetry Festival, Bangalore, 2024. She is also a Pushcart Prize nominee, 2024.

Dr. Mary Annie A.V,(M.Sc., Ph.D) writes under the pen name Anna Maria (Tvpm) . She retired as Dy.Registrar from the University of Kerala, settled in Trivandrum . She started writing at a very young age , winning a prize at The  Shanker's International Writing competition ,for her poem"My Brother" at the age of five, later published in the Illustrated Weekly of India . She has been announcer All India Radio, Trivandrum.Her poems have been broadcast over  All India Radio, Trivandrum.They have been published in the Mirror, e-zines Muse India, like Indian Ruminations, Nothing. No One. Nowhere., Thanal Online, Gulmohar, Destiny Poet's,U.K., The Camel Saloon, Acerbic,  Inklinks, anthologies of repute like Taj Mahal Review,Musings a Mosaic, Roots and Wings, The Selected Anthology, Woman,Wit and Wonder, to name a few. As a poet, she has  been featured by Niamh Clune, Melvina Germaine, Duanne Vorhees, Cleber Pacheco, Al Khemia Poetry, Fasihi Magazine ,The Wise Owl, and many more. Her poems have been translated to French and featured by Jes Mert and in one instance to Malayalam . Writing haikus is  her hobby, being published in Scarlet Dragon Journal and in The Leaf Journal in 2023. She has also been featured on Kai Coiggin Wednesday Poetry  Event 2023 . Of late, her short stories have been published in International anthologies : Ether Ore: Cocoon Stories, He,She and It: The grammar of Marriage  and  Aquality: Tales from the depths (2023). Her poem has also also been  featured in Daily verse of The Wise Owl (2023) . Her  collections include My Beads Unstrung (2006) and More Beads Unstrung (2011) Rush-Origami Chapbook published by Jan Keogh (2013) .A member of many haiku platforms she has been published in Scarlet Dragon Journal and The Leaf (2023).

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