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The Daily Verse

To make The Wise Owl more dynamic, we have introduced The Daily Verse, a segment where we will upload poetry all  days of the week. Just send in a poem to

Theme for December:

Image by Christian Søgaard

And make us happy in the darting bird
That suddenly above the bees is heard,

~Robert Frost

Monday, 11th December 2023

Image by Johannes Plenio

The Gift of Gold

by Urmi Chakravorty

Simple Maple Leaves

The wooded paths are a sight to behold

A canvas of russet, gold and umber

My feet crunch on the tapestry of flaming leaves -

Once the crowning glory of the mighty oak

Now lie in supplication, awaiting their turn

To return to the earthen womb that birthed them.


The whiff of a dying rose

The twitter of a home-bound warbler

The first frost settling on the frigid ferns

My senior pug asleep before a crackling ingle

The aroma of cocoa, cider and cinnamon

I marvel at the beauty and grace of fall!


Is this Death or a mere hiatus?

The weary earth seeking respite

Reminding us to shed, to change, to let go

As the year flashes its last, lovely smile

Gifting us a bounty of mellow charm,

The promise of reflection and renewal,

And bidding us a hopeful Au Revoir.


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