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The Daily Verse

To make The Wise Owl more dynamic, we have introduced The Daily Verse, a segment where we will upload poetry all  days of the week. Just send in a poem to

Theme for July

Image by Johannes Plenio

Thursday, 25th July, 2024

Image by Daniel Seßler

Short Verse on Solitude 

By Swaraj Raj

Hand Drawing
Swaraj Raj.jpg

at eventide

a thousand dreams bloom

in forest’s eyes 

Photo by Swaraj Raj

splashes of desire

in a waterlogged paddyfield

an egret in breeding attire

Cattle Egret-min.jpg

Photo by Swaraj Raj

dangling on a spider’s web_glistening dew drops__.jpg

dangling on a spider’s web

glistening dew drops

wondrous union of beauty and terror

Wednesday, 24th July, 2024

Image by Thought Catalog
Hand Drawing
an old trellis vine in the yard.jpg

urban hermitess
an old trellis vine
grows at the yard

on the dunes
the shadows
of the camels

shadows of camels on the dunes.jpg
votive candle.jpg

votive candle
entrust a tear
to the wind

Tuesday, 23rd July, 2024

Image by Clay Banks

Micro Poems on Solitude

By Snigdha Agrawal

Hand Drawing

knitting needles...
silver, like her long braids
plain purl, plain purl,
memories gatecrashing

full moon...
high tide
combing the beach
missing toe ring

walking the beach in a sari in moonlight.jpg
broken hearing aid.jpg

sent for servicing
reciting Gayatri Mantra*
calm, unbroken

strident voices...
unmindful she writes
about muffled cries


an Indian woman in a sari writing in the garden.jpg

Monday, 22nd July, 2024

Image by Annie Spratt

Poems on Solitude

By Mona Bedi

Hand Drawing
sitting alone in the garden.jpg

winter solitude
just me, my longing
and a cicada’s call

tic - tac - toe
the games I play
with myself

playing tic tac toe.jpg
zen garden with statute of buddha.jpg

zen garden
the stone Buddha and I
enjoy our solitude 

Friday, 19th July, 2024

Image by Laura Chouette

Haiku on Solitude

By Govind Joshi

Hand Drawing
summer sunset_on the compound wall rail_a magpie_.jpg

summer sunset

on the compound wall rail

a magpie

home alone

a ship

in the ocean

home alone_a ship_in the ocean.jpg
summer evening_coming down_a late paratrooper.jpg

summer evening

coming down

a late paratrooper

Thursday, 18th July, 2024

abstract on solitude.jpg

Poems on Solitude

By Vijay Prasad

Hand Drawing
an abstract about       _emptiness –_.jpg


on emptiness –

a little fly

late night –

in her fist my


abstract in greys & browns.jpg
abstract in greys & blacks .jpg

swatting the last fly i fold the day

summer clouds

her body

smells of rain

abstract of rain clouds.jpg
abstract about existence.jpg

long day –

tons of ek-sistence

pounce upon me

About the Author

Vijay Prasad is a poet from Patna, India. He is disappointingly interested in life. He has a passion for haiku, language, philosophy, and so on ... He is published in Bones, Under the Basho, tinywords, Failed Haiku, The Mumba Journal, Haiku Dialogue, Prune Juice, among others. 

Wednesday, 17th July, 2024

Image by Stephane YAICH

The Colored Umbrella

By Dr Mary Annie

Hand Drawing

Behold the rains .

And the memories

It brings.

The multicolored umbrella

A tad too small to hold

Your large frame

And mine as i melted into yours

As you held me close

Shielding me .

And when i broke lose

And ran off giggling

Foolishly you let go off

The umbrella

And followed me


And the rains witnessed

The murmuration of

Our  kisses on the wet ground.

The umbrella still  at the corner

And the memories

Rain on me

Silently at nights

As I sit alone

Unable to sleep.

Tuesday, 16th July, 2024

reading in solitude.jpg

Poems on Solitude

By Jennifer Gurney

Hand Drawing
resting under a shaded tree.jpg

in your shade I rest

breathing deep of your air

your calm

floating on the surface

sunlight, gentle waves

memories of love

sunlight reflecting on waves.jpg
morning thunder rattling the world awake.jpg

morning thunder

rattling the world awake

silence in its slipstream

Monday, 15th July, 2024

Image by Courtnie Tosana

Morning Solitude

By Peter A Witt

Hand Drawing

Breathless clouds sprinkle the autumn air
with the crisp of cool dawn, as the trumpet
blast of a brassy mockingbird welcomes
me back from a deep night's sleep.

Campfire crackles like a warm embrace,
aroma of rich coffee's rich perfume drifts
through the pines, savory sizzle of thick
Canadian bacon, blueberry pancakes
not far behind.

With wonder and surprise a rainbow hued trout
shoots from the depths quickly capturing
an iridescent dragon fly, then splashes back
into a concentric whirlpool of ripples.

Soon it will be time to load the canoe,
head back to city life, refreshed
from my wooded weekend of solitude
only nature can provide.

Friday, 12th July, 2024

drinking kombucha tea.jpg

Solitude is my kombucha tea

By Chayanika Saikia

Hand Drawing

Solitude is my cup of kombucha tea,

a healing evening drink; soft fall for 

the meek moon slipping past a myriad 


of stars into my glass of wine,

as if, to be with me somehow;

though I know, the moon is not mine…


Solitude is the puff of summer air

laced with scent of night jasmine, 

diving deep into the abyss of heart;


popping some bubbles in the blood,

a pinch of heaven, soon splinted into shards…


Solitude is the lone tower I guard,

broken pillars of memory, debris and dust, 

ruins of heart, that I no longer hold on to;


just a piece of sky over shattered roof,

little rain and sunshine come through…                        


Solitude is the space between 

my skin and the soul,

filled with everything 

that have turned into nihility.


Solitude is the mould 

into which I pour me,

I became the void, 

solitude became me.

Thursday, 11th July, 2024

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Tanka on solitude

By Sandip Chauhan

Hand Drawing
walking on the shoreline.jpg

at the shoreline

barefoot and alone

sand shifts beneath

frothy waves erase

each trace of my passing

sugarcane fields

cutting stalks of sweetness

under the midday sun

bulbul sings softly

in the solitude of harvest

harvest sugarcane in a field in India.jpg
a peacock strutting under a tree.jpg

beneath the old tree

where shadows play

with the light

a peacock struts alone

in the stillness

writing a letter

to no one

on thin parchment

ink smudges

in the flickering candlelight

writing letter in candlelight.jpg

Wednesday, 10th July, 2024

an abstract about July a season of solitude.jpg

Twin Seasons

By Geetha Nair G

Hand Drawing

July is drenched dogs, road-rivers, dull skies, mud -

 a painting in green grey brown.

Ah love, where are you gone?


 The months collide and May  blooms burning,

Picturing in memory's  rays

 the parable of our passion,

Bright, blazing like the sunlight pounding the bare earth. 

While birds in the tree  bask in cooing courting.


Ah love, where are you gone? 


That sun has set.

The birds have gone.

It is July again and I wake

To walk the tightrope of solitude

Swaying this way, that,

Seeking to find an answer

As the rains show their might;


 On one side, the aviaries of silence,

 On the other, solitary  night.

Tuesday, 9th July, 2024



By Debbie Strange

Hand Drawing
swans gliding in the twilight.jpg

mute swans

with unfurled wings


beyond silence,

beyond light

a willet’s call

undulating through

beach grasses . . .

her nest is invisible,

but it must be near

willet bird in the beech grass.jpg
swallows gliding.jpg

the swallows

have returned at last

I have

no desire to be part

of something bigger

Monday, 8th July, 2024

Image by Clay Banks

A Poem on solitude

By Geeta Varma

Hand Drawing

Before anyone wakes

When all doors are closed

I enter the kitchen

Immersed in silence

Soon the aroma of coffee spreads

I fill my cup

Settle in my favourite chair

With the first sip, I relax

This is the inner bliss

In the quietness of heaven.

About the Author

Geeta Varma is a poet based in Chennai. She has worked as a teacher and freelance journalist for some time. She has to her credit two books of poems and is a regular contributor to a few online magazines. She lives in Neelankarai with her husband Shreekumar Varma and has two sons, Vinayak married to Yamini, and Karthik.


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